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Múlafossur Waterfall image
Múlafossur Waterfall
Tourist attraction
A popular photography destination, this striking waterfall tumbles over cliffs into the ocean.
4.80 (571 reviews)
View on Mullafossur and Gasadalur village image
View on Mullafossur and Gasadalur village
Scenic spot
👍👍 Free, about 15 minute drive from the airport, has a beautiful waterfall, a cafe that closes at 4pm, and is a nice, quaint place to check out. There's a good trail that goes from the falls to behind the village and into the village. Worth checking out if you have the time. The tunnel into Gasadalur...
4.90 (326 reviews)
Gjógv Natural Harbor image
Gjógv Natural Harbor
Tourist attraction
👍 There’s no amount of pictures that can do justice to this beautiful village. It’s beautiful. Make sure you are aware of the local laws and respect the Faroese people’s privacy.
4.80 (465 reviews)
Fiskastykkið // Úti á Gjógv image
Fiskastykkið // Úti á Gjógv
👍👍 One of the best restaurant on Faroe Islands, if not the best one! It’s really cosy and well design. The food is very delicious. We were there twice. First one for coffee and rhabarub cake and secondly for dinner. We ate fishsoup, which was so tasty.
4.80 (320 reviews)
The Seal Woman (Kópakonan) image
The Seal Woman (Kópakonan)
👍👍 Beautiful location down by the sea. There is a hefty staircase to go down / up to get to the seal woman. I really liked the view of the surrounding cliffs!
4.80 (304 reviews)
Kirkjubømúrurin image
Historical place
👍👍 Perfect viewing spot not too far from the capital city. Nice view of the surrounding landscape and one of the oldest churches in the islands.
4.60 (820 reviews)
Paname Café image
Paname Café
👍👍 Very nice cafe in the center of the city. Good coffee, good cake 🍰 friendly staffs.. 🇹🇭🇩🇪🌈🇲🇲💚🙏💚
4.70 (370 reviews)
Fríða Kaffihús image
Fríða Kaffihús
👍👍 I have been to 83 countries, I ate countless cakes, and the carrot cake is hands down the best cake I ever had in my 29 year old life. Coffee is also great.
$$ $$
4.60 (555 reviews)
Fossá image
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Super scenic spot, I recommend to go above the lower level waterfall and reach the cave behind the upper waterfall. Going up is a bit tricky and requires climbing but it gives you the full experience
4.60 (376 reviews)
Trælanípa image
Tourist attraction
👍 Incredible place, we’ll worth the hike! Standing on the edge of the cliffs is breathtaking. You are permitted to fly your drone here - make sure it’s not too windy the day you go! Also there are many sheep along the way. Only 1 star off for the steep price for the hike though.
4.60 (326 reviews)
The National Gallery of The Faroe Islands image
The National Gallery of The Faroe Islands
Art museum
Architecturally unique, multi-gabled building housing modern Faorese art & historical exhibits.
4.60 (271 reviews)
Hotel Brandan image
Hotel Brandan
Modern quarters in a polished hotel with a restaurant, wine tastings & meeting rooms, plus saunas.
4.60 (246 reviews)
Klakkur image
Tourist attraction
👍👍 great hike, pretty steep in some parts and really wet in november but the view is breathtaking. on google maps you see a Y shaped road south of the Klakkur tag, take the left one and drive till the end, there is a little parking space and from there its just like 45minutes (at least if you take a lo...
4.80 (140 reviews)
Slættaratindur image
Mountain peak
880-m. mountain, the highest in the Faroe Islands, with a summit trail & epic views on clear days.
4.90 (114 reviews)
Koks Restaurant image
Koks Restaurant
👍👍 Did you ever think what is really out there, behind the end of the world? Well, think Koks. Most of the people I met didn't even know where is Faro Island, then driving to Koks seams even more mysteriously. Parking at the lake, then taken by their restaurant's SUV, driven by one of the chefs on a di...
4.60 (223 reviews)
Dúvugarðar museum and café image
Dúvugarðar museum and café
👍👍 Super cute cafe and family run! The cafe serves coffee out of a thermos and sells a few other chocolate bars. The owner was super friendly, there’s interesting books and art pieces lining the walls and the view out the window was gorgeous.
4.60 (210 reviews)
Áarstova image
👍 The restaurant is located in a historical Faroese building, next to a few other fine dining options. The building and its atmosphere pretty great. We ordered 3 course menu. The ingredients are pretty fresh and good. It had quite long waiting time in between dishes, and unfortunately, some of them d...
4.50 (281 reviews)
Maggie's café image
Maggie's café
👍👍 Lovely place on a 20 minute ferry ride from Torshavn. Very friendly people, good food, excellent beer. Nothing more to ask for. ❤️
$$ $$
4.80 (120 reviews)
Fish & Chips Klaksvík image
Fish & Chips Klaksvík
👍👍 Simple but delicious fish and chips, much needed on a cold day in the faroes, especially when every other restaurant is closed. A big relief to have hot food from a friendly owner :) My husband and I ordered an extra large to share and it was just nice. Thank you!
4.90 (100 reviews)
Kallur Lighthouse image
Kallur Lighthouse
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Absolutely stunning!! Not to be missed in the Faroese. The trail is super easy and short, and the views so rewarding. Lots of tourists but there is space for everyone and you can go at your own pace with the different ferry/bus schedules. The ridge might be a bit intimidating with strong winds or if...
4.50 (248 reviews)
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