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Nassau Clinic - GP & Weekend Doctor image
Nassau Clinic - GP & Weekend Doctor
General practitioner
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Dr. Liam's clinic is exceptional in terms of cleanliness and comfort, creating a relaxing and welcoming environment for patients. Unlike other doctors who rush through appointments and simply write prescriptions, Dr. Liam takes the time to explain diagnoses and treatment options thoroughly. He is hi...
4.90 (1.5K reviews)
Empire Dental & Medical Clinic in Dublin | Dr. Ammar Mohamed image
Empire Dental & Medical Clinic in Dublin | Dr. Ammar Mohamed
😠 First clinic to mistake tonsillitis with HIV... Huge disappointment since I've been at the EMC clinic before and the service was always satisfactory. Definitely would not recommend Dr Wieslaw Zelazek to anybody unless you're ready to die. I got an appointment with him at the start of May last year...
4.80 (267 reviews)
GPDOC Medical Centre image
GPDOC Medical Centre
General practitioner
🫀 The doctor Lawrence Lau is a very nice person. But I have got to say: they charge you for LITERALLY everything. I've got the results for my exams and I only need to be recommended to the Women's Hospital for a colposcopy and they want me to pay €70 for a consultation just to be recommended. Honestl...
4.70 (173 reviews)
Refine Clinic image
Refine Clinic
Skin care clinic
😠 Update: I emailed them as per their request below on Sept 22nd & never heard back Organised flights around my appointment, organised & paid for childcare, drove for an hour to get to my appointment, paid for parking, only to be told my appointment had been rescheduled. Tried to claim they contacted...
4.70 (95 reviews)
Liffey Medical GP Surgery, Clinic In Dublin City Centre, Smithfield image
Liffey Medical GP Surgery, Clinic In Dublin City Centre, Smithfield
😠 I went to Liffey Medical for a series of tests. I received most of the results shortly after but was told that the results for one particular test would take 3-4 weeks. 8 weeks later, I am yet to receive the results. I have emailed the clinic several times and received no response; I have called the...
4.40 (114 reviews)
Jervis Medical Centre image
Jervis Medical Centre
Medical Center
πŸ‘πŸ‘ When I moved over here from the SF Bay Area a few years ago, it took me quite a while to find a good GP: I interviewed several, listened for built-in bias, generalisations and up-to-date approach to medicine. Dr. Hakhamensch Nikookam is an excellent diagnostician as well as being compassionate and v...
4.10 (174 reviews)
Ekky Dr. K image
Ekky Dr. K
General practitioner
πŸ‘πŸ‘ If you are looking to Change practices this Practice is so professional Dr Iman Ekky is the best, so Kind and caring for her patients. I was living In Dublin at the time. She was so understanding and I will be forever Grateful for the effort she put in to get me answers that I needed The best Docto...
4.80 (45 reviews)
Thorndale Medical and Cardiology Clinic image
Thorndale Medical and Cardiology Clinic
General practitioner
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Highly recommended GP service. The doctor listens patiently and gives proper explanation of the problem as well as treatment plan. He was not in the hurry to move onto next patient, which is very important to me. This is was recommended to me by a friend and I found it really good. The doctor is als...
4.90 (35 reviews)
Jubilee Medical Centre GP (Capel St. Medical Centre) image
Jubilee Medical Centre GP (Capel St. Medical Centre)
Medical Center
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Recommended for Thyroid: Dr. Chii Lee is an amazing professional (actually is one of the leading doctor members of the Thyroid Society in Ireland), she takes the time to listen to you and do all necessary check-ups. So you won't feel alone (or crazy) in your battle for a better life while have a thy...
4.40 (63 reviews)
Temple Bar Medical Centre image
Temple Bar Medical Centre
General practitioner
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Can’t recommend this place enough, especially for queers and women. So supportive and lovely- on two separate visits I have been offered advice on ways I can reduce my dysphoria without having to ask for it. Also they believe me when I’m in pain. Friends of mine who go here dealing with reproductive...
4.90 (33 reviews)
Eldon Family Practice image
Eldon Family Practice
🫀 Very helpful practise manager who takes time to deal with any queries. I had a 20 minute wait beyond my scheduled appointment time which could be viewed as a positive in away because it meant the patient before me was receiving a thorough consultation. However, I did observe one of the practise' do...
4.60 (43 reviews)
Dr Edel Dominique image
Dr Edel Dominique
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Absolute incredible, Kind and very informative Doctor. She goes well above and beyond her call of duty! She is somebody that really has a passion for what she does and cares deeply about her patience. Couldn't recommend her enough.
4.20 (38 reviews)
Ashtown Medical Center image
Ashtown Medical Center
General practitioner
😠 210 euros for 10 minutes of visit and saying that my boyfriend has to get used to the ailments and nothing will help. I totally do not recommend this place and the doctor ;)
4.30 (32 reviews)
Dame Street Medical Centre (GP) image
Dame Street Medical Centre (GP)
Medical Center
😠 Dr. Nada was very unprofessional and rude in my last visit. For starters, she insisted on referring to my wife as "my friend". That might be the reason she was treating me badly and it would have been bad enough already, but she wouldn't allow me to explain what I was feeling and what the problem wa...
3.60 (143 reviews)
Doctor365 Dublin Walk-In Clinic & Out Of Hour GP Service image
Doctor365 Dublin Walk-In Clinic & Out Of Hour GP Service
Walk-in clinic
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Visiting Dublin from the states. Went to Doctor 365 on 128 Francis street, Dublin. I stopped in for back ache, then for Covid. It’s a terrific service. Efficiently run. I saw a kind physicianβ€” a Dr. Fallah. She is a very special: kind, compassionate, competent. I will be back!!
4.10 (33 reviews)
Family Clinic image
Family Clinic
Medical clinic
😠 Worst place ever!!! DO NOT GO THERE!! THEY CARE JUST MONEY!!! They keep charging me even they shouldnt as I am in maternity holidays ( by law I shouldnt pay) so they create all kind of stories to get the money out. At 6 weeks check up the doctor didnt bother to check my c-section scar and etc, it to...
3.60 (97 reviews)
Park West Medical image
Park West Medical
Walk-in clinic
😠 I am writing this review based on my daughter's experience of attending this surgery yesterday. She had an awful experience and was given misinformation about a screening test that are meant to be provided free of charge. She was told that they were not able to conduct the test in the surgery as the...
4.00 (32 reviews)
Prospect Medical Clinic image
Prospect Medical Clinic
General practitioner
😠 The receptionist thinks that she works for the military. Very rude, inconsiderate, doesn't know how to explain the information properly and kindly. Interrupts, doesn't listen or try to help or understand. And all that at 9:30, and I was calling since the opening hours at 9. Very rude. First sentenc...
3.90 (32 reviews)
Charter Medical image
Charter Medical
Medical clinic
😠 I had a referral letter for a scan from my GP. I did not receive a report about my scan or the actual scan. My GP did also not receive a report about my scan - not even after 7 days. So I called Charter Medical a few times. I was constantly told to call the Mater GDPR office to get my report. Ridic...
3.50 (99 reviews)
Ranelagh Medical, Centric Health image
Ranelagh Medical, Centric Health
😠 Cold welcome at the reception. Very bad services. They are very good to charge you over the phone the price of a consultation to discuss your blood test results and for finally announce that you need to make an appointment with your GP. I argued for not paying twice. Last winter, I registered on the...
3.50 (65 reviews)
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