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Destinare Beach Resort & Campsite image
Destinare Beach Resort & Campsite
Public beach
😠 Unprofessional staff. Not those uniformed personnels wearing Destinare shirts but those who make orders. They have poor customer service and are obviously rude to guests. Anawangin is a great place to stay pero don't waste your money to this resort. Here are some problems we've encountered during o...
2.30 (82 reviews)
Spiaggia della Costa Sud image
Spiaggia della Costa Sud
Beach pavillion
😠 As a touris I was telling myself: β€œIt cant be so bad as google reviews says..” It actally is. Beside huge amout of trash at beach and ugly buildings aroud, even sea water is brown-greenish and smell bad, you dont really want to put your head in it. SAFE YOUR TIME AND DONT GO THERE!
2.60 (135 reviews)
Spiaggia di Romagnolo image
Spiaggia di Romagnolo
Scenic spot
😠 I suggest not to go there, the beach has disappeared because of the mountains of garbage. Don't waste your time with this beach. Absolutely disgusting and disgusted by the fact that people throw garbage on the "beach". Really disappointed by the state of Palermo city.🀦🀦🀦🀦🀦🀦Never coming to Pale...
2.80 (259 reviews)
Plyazh Gorodskoy Koz'modem'yansk image
Plyazh Gorodskoy Koz'modem'yansk
Public beach
2.80 (59 reviews)

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