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Mini Market Jezerca image
Mini Market Jezerca
😠 Ruddest person in Albania, unfair to tourists, doesn't even try to communicate properly.... Don't buy bus tickets to him, don't trust him!!! If the bus is overbooked you will go the next day with no ride and no money back! and he will not even try to help and will even make fun of you!
2.20 (100 reviews)
On the Pont-Neuf Cap-Haitien image
On the Pont-Neuf Cap-Haitien
😠 One of the largest public market in Cap-Haitien: fruits, vegetables, cereals, fishes and meat products, charcoal, various foodstuffs from Dominican Republic... But rubbish, and a lot of mud which makes the place impassable in rainy weather.
2.80 (210 reviews)
DAME NATURE - Petit Déjeuner / Breakfast - Sandwiches / Salads / Burgers / Poutine - Buffet image
DAME NATURE - Petit Déjeuner / Breakfast - Sandwiches / Salads / Burgers / Poutine - Buffet
Breakfast restaurant
🫤 I usually just get the pesto pasta and add salt n pepper. You want an honest opinion? If you haven't eaten for a week or have inactive taste buds this is the spot? It is very clean but the quality of food is questionable I once ordered the breakfast sandwich with bacon. I never knew toast could be b...
$$ $$
2.80 (71 reviews)
Kaiwe Market image
Kaiwe Market
😐 It's home so its good.
2.80 (51 reviews)
Blyth Market Square image
Blyth Market Square
😠 Used to be very busy on a Saturday with a nice variety of stalls from fruit and sweets to kid toys. I'm very sorry to say it is now a cold and barren looking place. It looks like a carboot sale where only 3 people turned up. I was told by the hairdresser this is all the council's fault. You shou...
2.90 (96 reviews)
Marché JAPON image
Marché JAPON
2.90 (51 reviews)

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