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Thai Cook by Joy image
Thai Cook by Joy
Asian restaurant
😠 This 2 orders of tacos cost me $40 and they didn't give me a recipe. Nor do they give one to anyone, knowing they are ripping off people. 2 tacos the size of my palm costs $20... More than a sit down restaurant and the meat quality is horrible. This place is a scam. Don't eat there
1.30 (55 reviews)
Thai Express Restaurant Ottawa image
Thai Express Restaurant Ottawa
Thai restaurant
😠 So much oil! The tofu didn't even taste properly cooked and it tasted like the pad Thai was missing something. it didn't taste like pad Thai. I think it depends on the cook tho because last time the food didn't taste like this.
1.40 (72 reviews)
Charlie's Kitchen image
Charlie's Kitchen
Chinese restaurant
😠 Satay chicken had too much batter and the sauce did NOT taste like it had any peanuts in it, tastes more eggy than nutty. The chicken was cold. The price is WAY too high for the portion sizes. (Was served by the short Asian lady) Horrible service, no eye contact, no smiles, threw food across the cou...
1.50 (80 reviews)
Little Purse image
Little Purse
Dumpling restaurant
😠 Wish I would have read the reviews on Little Purse Dumpling Dumpling Den before coming… while an interesting concept from the outside…this restaurant has several systemic failures. If changes are not made, I would recommend taking your business elsewhere. Greeted by an apathetic hostess… asked whe...
1.60 (563 reviews)
Ammaji & Tiamo image
Ammaji & Tiamo
Pizza restaurant
😠 An impudence! The food tastes like garbage, the food arrived terribly. The pizza was raw inside and not cut. If I get food poisoning you will hear from the lawyer! Make the shop to her nothing expert!
1.60 (290 reviews)
Lemongrass image
Asian restaurant
1.60 (59 reviews)
Lucy's Asian Kitchen image
Lucy's Asian Kitchen
Asian restaurant
😠 Two big thumbs down. Even the rice is bad!! Two dishes and fountain drinks cost 40 dollars!!
$$ $$
1.80 (189 reviews)
Jasmine Chinese Takeaway image
Jasmine Chinese Takeaway
Chinese takeaway
😠 Never ever more at any price This restaurant can poison you . I have traveled to town to return all of it This business is hidden at the back of other shop . Rude "chef" told me there his food is good just a bit burned. Avoid it even for free !
1.80 (171 reviews)
Food of Asia image
Food of Asia
Asian restaurant
😠 I ate there twice. First time the food was average. Second time ended up with poisoning or just too much glutamat. I had the most horrible stomach pain in my life, diarrhea and was puking for some hours. My stomach is still curing some days after that incident. I strongly advise you to avoid that pl...
1.80 (155 reviews)
Asian Chao image
Asian Chao
Chinese restaurant
Familiar Chinese take-out dishes & Japanese sushi rolls from a no-frills counter-serve chain.
1.80 (90 reviews)
Haiky image
Asian restaurant
1.90 (103 reviews)
Asia Fu Loi image
Asia Fu Loi
Asian restaurant
😠 Terrible service. I gave up and went to another restaurant.
1.90 (66 reviews)
eat la! image
eat la!
Chinese takeaway
😠 Ware do I start? Chips raw Sweet and sour was pure vinager. Veg rice mising the veg. Stir Fried veg was veg from a tin. Chill beef had no spice was slimy and the sauce was almost vinegar. (Just like the sweet and sour) All food was cold the free prawn crackers we even horrid. I phoned to complain an...
1.90 (66 reviews)
Super China & Pizza Service Stuttgart image
Super China & Pizza Service Stuttgart
Pizza takeaway
😠 Worst food I have had in Stuttgart. Do not order from the restaurant. 1 hour late delivery with absolutely disgusting food. Food are not fresh at all. Ba Bao duck is just stinky non fresh wok fry with soggy deep fried duck. Glass noodles soup has maybe 10 glass noodles. Deep fry tofu is actually the...
2.00 (260 reviews)
Hotalo image
Asian restaurant
😠 Size plate ordered. After a bit of pasta and 3 small pieces of chicken, you are told that the plate is "full". €7.50 for half a plate. Very smart business plan. I can still remember the times before Corona when you had to wait in line and could help yourself. But you can tell that they have lost so...
2.00 (217 reviews)
Haiky Asia Restaurant image
Haiky Asia Restaurant
Asian restaurant
👍 Asian fast-food in the CentrO foodcourt. Thai oriented flavours. Taste is very good and portions are well worth the price. Lot of choices with beef, chicken, duck or shrimps. Also vegetarian options available. If you don't like your food to be flooded in sauce, tell them though. Mostly German-style,...
2.00 (194 reviews)
Haiky International image
Haiky International
Asian restaurant
😠 Auf den ersten Blick sehr gut, doch dann kam der Schock meines Lebens. Das Personal ist sehr unfreundlich, ungeduldig, und vergisst Messer & Gabel fürs essen mitzugeben. Ein Teil der Mitarbeiter sind nicht fähig, die Mund & Nasenbedeckung richtig zu tragen. Das einzig gute war das Gemüse, aber sons...
2.00 (118 reviews)
GUTY image
Asian restaurant
2.00 (78 reviews)
Purple Panda image
Purple Panda
Chinese restaurant
😠 Super super super salty, uneatable.
2.00 (72 reviews)
Panda Roll Sushi Santa Anita image
Panda Roll Sushi Santa Anita
Japanese restaurant
😐 Deberían de cambiar sus recipientes a vidrio , una sopa sin sabor ,predominaba más el sabor a plástico caliente , el teriyaki 6/10 arroz parece engrudo , tardan mucho en servir .
2.00 (51 reviews)
Thai Express Restaurant Burnaby image
Thai Express Restaurant Burnaby
Thai restaurant
Noodles, stir-fries, curries & other Thai dishes served in a down-to-earth restaurant.
$ $$$
2.10 (199 reviews)
Roll'd Chermside image
Roll'd Chermside
Vietnamese restaurant
Casual spot serving classic Vietnamese street food, including banh mi, pho & dumplings.
2.10 (150 reviews)
Roll'd Burnside image
Roll'd Burnside
Vietnamese restaurant
Casual spot serving classic Vietnamese street food, including banh mi, pho & dumplings.
2.10 (111 reviews)
Jasmin's image
Asian restaurant
Dine-in · Takeaway
2.10 (98 reviews)
Yum Cha image
Yum Cha
Asian restaurant
😠 The most disgusting Asian food ever plus rude service and loudly swearing employees. Annoying and horribly expensive. Don’t come here even this establishment is the last one standing.
2.10 (76 reviews)
Sen & Ken image
Sen & Ken
Asian restaurant
😠 Very bad quality food. Could not even eat the mutton of the haleem as the meat was unchewable! Haleem tasted very bad.
2.10 (70 reviews)
Culinasia Buffet image
Culinasia Buffet
Asian restaurant
Dine-in · Delivery
2.10 (62 reviews)
Asia Hung image
Asia Hung
Asian restaurant
😠 1 Unfreundlich die Dame die da arbeitet… 2 Fixiert nur auf das Geld 3 man bestellt etwas es wird falsch gemacht .. ( durch bescheid geben des Essens das es falsch ist wird man schlecht behandelt …) 4 Respektlos die Frau an der Kasse
$ $$$
2.10 (53 reviews)
Tiki-Ming image
Chinese restaurant
😠 Taste is bad. Won't go back again :(
2.10 (52 reviews)
Noodle Box Darch image
Noodle Box Darch
Asian restaurant
Modern counter-serve chain selling pan-Asian noodle & rice dishes with create-your-own options.
2.10 (51 reviews)

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