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Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant image
Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant
Bar & grill
Chain hangout for house-brewed, German-style beer & a pub menu served in a casual setting.
$$ $$
2.20 (206 reviews)
Helium Club image
Helium Club
Night club
🫤 Tecno music. Security definitely not polite
$$ $$
2.40 (611 reviews)
新宿ビアガーデン 天空ヒルズ image
新宿ビアガーデン 天空ヒルズ
Beer garden
😠 Don't go to this place. It's not Hawaiian at all. The food is just some curry that you can get anywhere for 500 yen. The place is filthy and disgusting and charges a seating fee for their tiny dirty chairs. If you want to go to a beer garden, there are loads of other places that you can spend your m...
2.40 (78 reviews)
Antares Villa Gesell image
Antares Villa Gesell
😠 Pongo una estrella solo en reconocimiento al único mozo que fue amable con nosotros y al cual desde el dueño y sus propios compañeros lo trataron de la peor y denigrante manera que jamás vimos. En cuanto al lugar sinceramente no tenemos mucho para decir que sume. Apenas llegamos éramos pocas mesas n...
2.50 (50 reviews)
Cerveceria Plaza Vieja image
Cerveceria Plaza Vieja
🫤 If you're going there for the beer, do your research. Cuba isn't known for craft beer, and this is one of two places in town that does it. You can get a mug of beer, or the giant tower thing (definitely need help to finish it). The beer was not great but given the resources, I appreciated the effort...
2.60 (96 reviews)
Craft Beer Tap image
Craft Beer Tap
🫤 Beer is good No one is in the bar they always leave so you need to wait for them to see your ordefood is overpriced.
$$ $$
2.60 (84 reviews)
3 Brasseurs Sainte-Marie image
3 Brasseurs Sainte-Marie
$$ $$
2.80 (764 reviews)
Uinta Brewing Company image
Uinta Brewing Company
🫤 I thought the food and beer was good. My complaint is the systems in place for service. You are supposed to scan a QR code at the table, place your order, pay for it (including choosing a tip before receiving food/service), then wait for servers to bring out your food/beer. You can NOT leave your ta...
2.90 (166 reviews)
Hopworks Urban Brewery image
Hopworks Urban Brewery
👍 I fly roughly twice a month to and from PDX and keep coming back to Hopworks for their delectable burgers, pretzels, Cesar salad, and of course their beer collection. The service and food have improved markedly since the height of the pandemic. It was rough in 2020 when they weren't open or only se...
2.90 (157 reviews)
Sam Adams Café & Pub image
Sam Adams Café & Pub
👍👍 Despite being short-handed at the bar, on the floor and in the kitchen, the servers and bar staff remained extremely pleasant and jovial to all! Even with minor delays in service, the location was impeccably clean and organized. Jennifer deserves high praise for her attitude and sense of humor! Whil...
2.90 (89 reviews)

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