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Медицинский центр Plaza image
Медицинский центр Plaza
Medical Center
😠 Всем всем не советую!!! не заманитесь на эти уловки звонкам, фальшивым улыбкам, делетанским профессионализму!!!. .. Полная туфффффтаааа. А ещё хуже они финансовые мощенники!!!! Пишу чтоб, люди не пострадали как я! Пригласили, да вроде норм обслуживают. Но по по семейным обстрятельствам не смогла дал...
1.80 (78 reviews)
Медицинский центр Plaza image
Медицинский центр Plaza
Medical Center
😠 I gave 1 star just to be able to write a review! Doesn't even deserve a full star! Just sick of the calls! I asked politely, but they didn’t understand! Then it’s no longer polite, they can’t be penetrated! I personally went to this type of center to have my number removed from the database! And the...
1.80 (55 reviews)
Ua Salon and Day Spa image
Ua Salon and Day Spa
Beauty salon
😠 Upon arriving I was told they were running a week day special for a mani + pedi for $39. Halfway through the pedicure the nail tech told me that the receptionist told me the wrong price and that in fact I'd be charge $47, not including the service she had just added for $6. I told her this was not...
2.00 (94 reviews)
Wellness hotel
😠 STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE! This hotel is a real nightmare. Take your time to read the reviews, it will prevent you from a destroyed holiday. All the bad reviews here are true. This is my experience: - total price for them does not mean total but you will be charged 4 EUR per person per night for all...
2.20 (582 reviews)
Mimosas Hair Salon and Nail Spa image
Mimosas Hair Salon and Nail Spa
Beauty salon
😠 Run! In the opposite direction. This place is dirty and the employees are disgruntled which shows in the quality of their work. They over book and only have one pedi chair. Came with with a coupon offer and it was not worth it. I guess you get what you pay for. It doesnt even deserve one star.
2.30 (58 reviews)
Royal Spa image
Royal Spa
😠 First of all, the staff is so unwelcoming and rude! Secondly, this god awful powder color that I Express that I did not like. I literally had to show the nail tech how to draw on my white tip, she had no idea! Before I even got seated I showed her my desired design, she assured me that she could do...
2.50 (219 reviews)
Luxury Salon & Spa image
Luxury Salon & Spa
Day spa
😠 HORRIBLE EMPLOYEES I LEFT WITH ATROCIOUS NAILS THAT LOOKED LIKE TIC TACS I wanted milky white almond nails and came out with something the exact opposite of what I wanted. The man was watching Netflix and talking on the phone. He wasn’t paying attention and was buffing my real life skin, you heard...
2.50 (63 reviews)
The Massage Center - Apollo Beach image
The Massage Center - Apollo Beach
Massage therapist
😠 Well were should I start... I bough a Groupon last year and I spend 2 month calling this place to make an appointment. I left a few messages and never receive a call back. I didn't make a big deal of it because on the voice mail said they were moving. I called back in December and I booked my appoi...
2.50 (55 reviews)
“Элеос” реабилитационный центр image
“Элеос” реабилитационный центр
Medical Center
😠 Обслуживание никакое. Начиная с ресепшена,заканчивая приемом Лора и гениколога. Такого прямого раскрутки на обсолютно не нужные анализы даже в дорогих центрах не видела. Пришла с конкретным запросом сдать анализы,но тут так нельзя. Консультация врача обязательно при взятии анализа. Это ещё можно как...
2.60 (57 reviews)
Ongles &spa BELLA image
Ongles &spa BELLA
Day spa
2.70 (120 reviews)
Slim&Beauty Day Spa image
Slim&Beauty Day Spa
Spa and health club
😠 I do not recommend. I was served by a gentleman who was very unpleasant. He tried to trick me into other more expensive treatments. He didn't want to do it with Groupon. I still have 2 left to use and the groupon shows them as used, which is an absolute lie. I don't recommend this place to anyone. I...
2.70 (73 reviews)
Unix Nails & Spa image
Unix Nails & Spa
Nail salon
😠 The lady here is horrible! She did a horrible job on my nails and did not do a good job on my sisters pedicure. The younger guy here is good and friendly but the lady is bad at her job and rude. I told her that they weren’t even and she told me they were she hurt my finger bad I told her and she jus...
2.70 (54 reviews)
De La Rosa Spa & BnB image
De La Rosa Spa & BnB
Day spa
😠 Not a good experience. Manager canceled on us and then refused a refund, so we had to change our schedules. She was not even around to speak to. I am experienced in massages, so I'm not confident that the ladies are even qualified. My lady had very long nails so I have cuts on my back. Their oil is...
2.70 (53 reviews)
SEVA Beauty image
SEVA Beauty
2.70 (51 reviews)
selfology® image
Wellness center
🫤 Hard to get ahold of to make an appointment, sending an email worked best for me, once I got in contact with them it was easy to make an appointment. Salon itself was a cute boutique salon with one of the most comfortable hair washing stations I've ever been in. Hair wash service was great. My styl...
2.80 (396 reviews)
SPA Anália Franco image
SPA Anália Franco
Plastic surgery clinic
😐 legal
2.80 (222 reviews)
Massage Envy image
Massage Envy
Massage spa
😠 I have been a member at Massage Envy since 2004; I signed up at the first location in the area (Broomfield). I've been going to Thornton location ever since they built it. This company is seriously declining. I understand staff shortages, HOWEVER, when you are a member, you are not able to get in...
2.80 (217 reviews)
Anathallo Day Spa image
Anathallo Day Spa
Day spa
😠 Guys, stay away from this place !!! I just used my Groupon of three CBD Therapy Massages and was unpleasantly surprised that each of my session will be just 40 minutes instead of 60 min. (as they mention it on their website ) ?! And I paid additional $25.00 service fee for each session in their offi...
2.80 (129 reviews)
Massage Envy image
Massage Envy
Massage spa
😠 Booked a 60 minute massage, received a 30, no wait a 33 minute massage and was charged for the 60 minutes. Contacted the "Clinic Manager", and was told "well if that is your only complaint after being a customer this long, thats pretty good. " Amazing! I have often thought there was poor customer s...
2.80 (95 reviews)
Santa Clarita Athletic Club image
Santa Clarita Athletic Club
😠 Current member. Going to have to agree with all the other 1star reviews in regards to customer service. Staff is rude and management clearly doesnt care. Sat down in the managers office to voice my concerns and she actually got up and left the conversation to go and make some visitors walking by her...
2.80 (92 reviews)
World Nails And Spa image
World Nails And Spa
Nail salon
😠 I still have nice toes, but me and my friend went together, her pedicure started before and ended after mine. Her toes were double checked, had a massage longer than me. My lady was clearly very rushed. The owner seems nice but the whole thing is very unorganized. It took an hour and a half to actua...
2.80 (75 reviews)
Massage Envy image
Massage Envy
Massage spa
😠 Massage therapists are good however you can never get an appointment scheduled. To the point where I have to try to schedule 2 to 3 months out and by that time I have accrued more massages than I can use. What is the point of having a monthly membership if you cannot use it monthly. Aside from the p...
2.80 (67 reviews)
OPL Salon & Spa image
OPL Salon & Spa
Nail salon
😠 Absolutely ridiculous - don't waste your time or $$. So many places to choose from, no idea why this location is still open! Both my daughter and I left bloodied and unsatisfied. Terrible job by both technicians. Terrible customer service (left me to go do someone's eyebrows during my manicure)....
2.80 (65 reviews)
Massage Envy image
Massage Envy
Massage spa
😠 It would be a zero star if I didn’t have sympathy for how Covid affected finding help. The quality of their masseuses has dropped off dramatically. However, that isn’t the reason for the poor review. The issue is the bait and switch they pulled with their “membership”. It is close to impossible to f...
2.80 (61 reviews)
Pleasuredrome image
Gay sauna
🫤 so, I read mixed reviews, and i was there some years ago , and figured I'd go again. could read in recent reviews that they now want £20 plus £3 (newish extra charge of u want an hour of privacy) ,, I show up and it's £23 plus £5 (they don't tell u about the 5 unless you ask). I think it was the lac...
2.90 (379 reviews)
天然温泉ロックの湯 image
Day spa
👍 初めに、綺麗な施設でないとダメという方は来てはいけません。 それなりの年数が経過した建物で、温泉成分で浴室はかなり汚く見えます。でもそれは泉質が良いことの裏返し。なので泉質重視の方は、きっと満足いただけます。塩素臭のない浴場はほんと快適です! 街中で便利の良いところにあり、駐車場も広々。100円返却式の...
2.90 (318 reviews)
Knightdale Day Spa Nails image
Knightdale Day Spa Nails
Day spa
😠 The worst full set I have ever had. The nail tech was rude and very unprofessional. The nails were not put on correctly and were lifting before I had left. There was polish on the sides of my hands he couldn't remove. I already look like I need a fill because he didn't remove my cuticles and didn't...
2.90 (147 reviews)
Massage Envy image
Massage Envy
Massage spa
2.90 (99 reviews)
Happy Nails & Spa image
Happy Nails & Spa
Nail salon
2.90 (95 reviews)
Massage Envy image
Massage Envy
Massage spa
😠 I would strongly recommend against going here. We have had a few massage memberships and this one is definitely the worst. Several months ago, we decided to cancel our membership as it no longer fit our needs. We jumped through an inordinate amount of hoops to get the membership canceled to no avai...
2.90 (82 reviews)

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