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RANCH in Brodno image
RANCH in Brodno
😠 Don't come here! It's a waste of time and money. The animals are kept under very bad conditions (tiny cages, old crappy fences, excrements everywhere). Most of them looked mad and depressed. The donkey was kicking the fence the whole time and running back and forth wildly. Luckily the monkey was kep...
2.10 (312 reviews)
Plac Wolnej Ukrainy image
Plac Wolnej Ukrainy
Hiking area
2.60 (52 reviews)
Piazzale della Stazione di Acilia image
Piazzale della Stazione di Acilia
Hiking area
👍👍 Comoda per i suoi collegamenti, peccato il disservizio e disagio che crea a chi la utilizza, tempi di attesa epocali e mai in orario. Sistemate questa pratica, così da avere un mezzo di trasporto che ridurrebbe il traffico per un altra tipologia di pendolari che non possono fare a meno della macchin...
2.70 (153 reviews)
Hotel Berliner Bär image
Hotel Berliner Bär
Unfussy hotel offering casual rooms, plus dining & an indoor pool, as well as a gym & a sauna.
2.80 (172 reviews)
كوبري الشيخ منصور image
كوبري الشيخ منصور
Hiking area
2.80 (95 reviews)
Hotel Sardona image
Hotel Sardona
Unassuming wood rooms in a serene venue offering free breakfast, a restaurant & a sauna.
2.90 (137 reviews)

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