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Camping Les Iles Du Grand Large image
Camping Les Iles Du Grand Large
😠 Visiblement la place du propriétaire et de son ariairé de frère est en prison. La meilleure chose qui pourraient arrivé à se camping serait un bidon d'essence et une allumettes. Ou, un rachats par des personnes munit d'un cerveau. Fuyez. Et pour comprendre, aller voir les reportage les concernant.
2.10 (327 reviews)
Mulgumpin Camping - North Point Camping Area image
Mulgumpin Camping - North Point Camping Area
😠 Disgusting place still requiring clot shots in an open air setting. YUCK. Do not support this discriminatory corner of the globe. The vaccine has been proven to be useless and has caused countless injuries, so why are you requiring your patrons to have it?? 🤯
2.10 (80 reviews)
American Land & Leisure image
American Land & Leisure
2.30 (58 reviews)
Camping l'Occitan image
Camping l'Occitan
Campground offering tent & caravan pitches, plus mobile homes, pools & a restaurant/bar.
2.40 (1.1K reviews) image
😠 We had selected this camping place on internet for a stop-over between the Netherlands and Austria in July 2014, mainly because of the location close to the Rhine river, always nice to watch. Indeed the website is VERY misleading in suggesting that it is a large camping site around a lake. Upon arri...
2.40 (350 reviews)
Camping Le Floréal image
Camping Le Floréal
Campground featuring pitches & mobile homes, plus a grocery & a snack bar that hosts concerts.
2.40 (289 reviews)
Oostappen Groep image
Oostappen Groep
Holiday park
😠 Just before the summer holidays, I thought I would get out with my youngest daughter and friends. I really didn't expect any unnecessary luxury for the amount, but this was really not okay! I had not seen the program on TV or the complaints in advance (learning lesson) but what a terrible park, the...
2.40 (109 reviews)
מקום קצת אחרת image
מקום קצת אחרת
Indoor lodging
😠 "נפשנו" 3 לילות במקום קצת אחרת. מה שתוכנן להיות חופשה משפחתית, נהפך במהרה לתכנית הישרדות. מה קיבלנו: ממלכת זבובים בכל מקום (ולא ניתן לעשות עם זה כלום), ריח נוראי ורעש מלול, שנמצא 20 מטר מהחדר, תחזוקה מתחת לכל ביקורת (עובש במקלחות, כלים סניטריים ישנים ומקולקלים, הפסקות חשמל ועוד). הייתה תחושה של דיר...
2.40 (101 reviews)
Ömür Camping Edirne image
Ömür Camping Edirne
😠 Nicht zu Empfehlen unfreundliche inhaberin ! The owner lady is very rude. Our caravan is foreign. Plate, my wife looks like a foreigner in appearance. but as soon as we were running in Turkish, his face fell and he left us there. This meeting took place in June 2021, Actually, we were going to talk...
2.40 (95 reviews)
Camping Bellevue image
Camping Bellevue
Mobile homes & chalets close to the lake with a playground, hot showers & laundry facilities.
2.40 (56 reviews)
東海ビーチアウトドアキャンプ場 森の少年王子 image
東海ビーチアウトドアキャンプ場 森の少年王子
😠 正直評価星1も付けたくないです。 とても最悪でした。 二度と行きたくないです ロッジを利用しましたが、前利用者のゴミがゴミ箱にパンパンに詰められており、それを指摘したところ「掃除はしましたのでそれは有り得ません。」の一点張りでわざわざ利用するロッジからゴミ箱ごと持って行きましたがそれはあなたがたのゴミ...
2.40 (54 reviews)
Thrillophilia Travel image
Thrillophilia Travel
Sightseeing tour agency
😠 Pathetic service so far. Have paid for super deluxe rates just to be put in standard rooms Trip coordinator keeps saying that the operations team aren't responding due to xyz reasons. Wouldn't recommend them Below photos are from the so called super deluxe bathroom which is their highest available p...
2.50 (2.1K reviews)
Camping Le Lanfonnet image
Camping Le Lanfonnet
Easygoing, tree-covered campground for tents & motor homes with a bar/restaurant & seasonal grocery.
2.50 (319 reviews)
Domaine de la Vénerie image
Domaine de la Vénerie
😠 Ce camping est un cauchemar absolu. Les installations sont délabrées et insalubres. Les bungalows sont en carton offrant un confort minimal. De plus, il semble y avoir des problèmes de gestion, car des médicaments d'origine douteuse sont traînés partout, boîte de capotes, rats, bungalow en piteuse é...
2.50 (80 reviews)
Lake DuBay Shores Campground image
Lake DuBay Shores Campground
😠 Horrible place to stay, please please read all the reviews before staying here, look at the date posted of the review too. Bathrooms were not cleaned and no soap to wash your hands. I felt dirty using the bathrooms. The buildings have decayed so much that they need to be shut down. I would not bring...
2.60 (258 reviews)
Camping Arganda image
Camping Arganda
😠 They don't have a telephone, you have to go directly, I don't understand the prices, depending on the day they charge you something, I was there yesterday and the rates are as follows: €400 per month the plot €350 to park the caravan in the parking lot per year €220 for the plot for 2 adults and 1...
2.60 (145 reviews)
Camping les Coquettes image
Camping les Coquettes
😠 SCANDALEUX!! Camping à ÉVITER et à FUIR!! - bungalow SALE et avec une PORTE QUI NE FERME PAS malgré plusieurs interventions donc affaires non sécurisées - DOUCHE FROIDE (passe de brûlant à glacée sans toucher au mitigeur, mes enfants ont failli s'ebouillanter) et ceux dans tout le camping - évier q...
2.60 (123 reviews)
Kemp Country Bečice image
Kemp Country Bečice
😠 “Vždycky chtěl mít hospodu, ale chodili mu tam lidi” asi tak bych shrnul zážitek z tohoto kempu. Z kempu které na Lužnici znám má asi nejhorší zázemí, ale to by se dalo zvládnou. Když je člověk na vodě nečeká žádné zázraky, i suchý záchod je lepší než nic. Bohužel tady i suchý záchod je mokrý jelik...
2.60 (82 reviews)
VacancesOcamping parc du Guibel image
VacancesOcamping parc du Guibel
2.70 (392 reviews)
Camping Plage Paris image
Camping Plage Paris
😠 Nous avons visité ce camping à la confédération et nous sommes restés moins de 24h alors que nous avions trois nuits. Un grand champ non boisé infesté de vers blanc ce qui fait qu'on tente dans la boue. La propriétaire nous a menacé de nous évincer si on ne démontait pas notre tente dans la prochain...
2.70 (392 reviews)
Camping Dionisiotis image
Camping Dionisiotis
🫤 Pros: Perfect location for a to visit Athens. For 2.70€ return you can take a bus from the gate to a train to the Acropolis. Excellent Wifi Nice Pool Helpful staff Cons: The place is a dump. Toilet/showers are old, dirty, mostly cold showers, and many things don’t work.
2.70 (203 reviews)
Camping Pineta image
Camping Pineta
😠 This is a terrible campsite.The worst of all we've visited.Dirty toilettes, it is a real challenge doing dishwashing because the flow of water is not adjustable and very strong, so your tshirt gets wet everywhere. you must pay 4eur plus for electricity, but it collapses in every 30 min.Waste water...
2.70 (161 reviews)
Santa Fe image
Santa Fe
🫤 Campground lacks a lot of amenities... I wish management would do a better job cleaning the restrooms. Bag your trash or the ravens will get in it.
2.70 (133 reviews)
Ellensburg RV Park image
Ellensburg RV Park
RV park
👍👍 NEW OWNERS!!!!! Brand new owners have taken over since 8/1/22 and the place is great!! The negative reviews you are reading here are because of neglect, laziness and indifference from the previous owners. We were in a bind and were looking for a place to stay overnight during Labor Day weekend AND t...
2.70 (77 reviews)
Happy Campsite Keflavik image
Happy Campsite Keflavik
😠 Oh, let me tell you about this incredible campsite in Iceland! It's absolutely marvelous! Definitely not the worst one I've ever been to, oh no, not at all! You'll just love the fact that the toilet door refuses to close, offering a delightful open-door policy for all your bathroom needs. It's like...
2.70 (66 reviews)
Marina Beach image
Marina Beach
Holiday park
😠 This park does not even deserve a 1 star opinion !! ... On the first day we had to clean the house to survive 3 nights at all! Dirt, stinks, dust, spiders, cobwebs. The water in the lake is smelly and green! Zero clean water! Playgrounds in poor condition. Green lawns not well-kept! Our daughte...
2.80 (2.2K reviews)
Camping Capfun Rumba image
Camping Capfun Rumba
Campground featuring mobile homes & furnished tents, plus a heated pool, a restaurant & games.
2.80 (1K reviews)
Camping Vendée La Puerta Del Sol image
Camping Vendée La Puerta Del Sol
Family-centric campsite offering cabins & RV rentals, a pool with a water slide, kids club & eatery.
2.80 (830 reviews)
Himmelstalund image
👍👍 Amazing place i have been
2.80 (400 reviews)
Denver Meadows R.V. Park image
Denver Meadows R.V. Park
RV park
Bare-bones campground for recreational vehicles, providing informal washrooms & laundry.
2.80 (321 reviews)

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