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Pizzeria Pelle image
Pizzeria Pelle
Pizza restaurant
1.60 (92 reviews)
Backlot Café image
Backlot Café
Buffet restaurant
😠 The only reason this restaurant has even one star its because it has butter beer better than the canned version. Sadly the burger was not even a well done, it was a congratulations. Never had such a dry burger in my life. Food was 0/5
1.90 (128 reviews)
Pritchard Dining Hall image
Pritchard Dining Hall
Buffet restaurant
😠 Higher authorities should intervene Pritchard completely exploits students and their innocence. The meal plan is highly expensive and the fact that they run out of food by 8:30PM is insane when they claim to be open till 11:00PM. At times, they serve way less than one serving per person and if you...
1.90 (109 reviews)
Rustic image
Buffet restaurant
😠 Terminata rau tiganca aia blonda care era azi, nu stiu cum ati angajat-o ca nu stie sa vorbeasca civilizat. M-a luat tare din prima si incercam sa ma gandesc daca merita un scuipat sau daca nu-l merita nici pe ala. Am ajuns la concluzia ca nu-l merita nici pe ala
2.00 (94 reviews)
The Ranch 1849 Restaurant image
The Ranch 1849 Restaurant
Buffet restaurant
🫤 Both the dinner and the breakfast buffets are overpriced. Not much choice, appearance of buffet not attractive, and food was so-so. The other restaurant (Kind Last Words) seems very nice, but their main dishes are priced at $50 and above, so this is no alternative for normal people. The shop is also...
2.00 (73 reviews)
Rustic image
Buffet restaurant
😠 Horrible, horrible, horrible shop window ladies very tired and bored I ordered 2 portions of belly soup and they were cold just taken out of the fridge after I told them that they had warmed them up but they were at room temperature when I asked them to warm them up once more they said they didn't h...
2.10 (110 reviews)
Olimp restaurant image
Olimp restaurant
Buffet restaurant
😠 I give it zero stars. I don't know any other place with such a bad price-quality-quantity ratio. Cold, tasteless, poor quality of ingredients, in the case of my "kartacze" a negligible amount of stuffing (mushrooms, not meat). Fortunately, I only took a small portion to try, and it still cost PLN 28...
$$ $$
2.20 (159 reviews)
DÉSI image
Buffet restaurant
😠 That's not Dési, but horrors. Never more! You wait 30 minutes for your food. You get the soup earlier, so by the time they give you the second course, the soup is cold. We didn't get a macaroon and since we didn't have a ticket (which the staff doesn't issue by itself and you have to ask for one), w...
2.20 (51 reviews)
Rusty Rudder Restaurant image
Rusty Rudder Restaurant
Buffet restaurant
😠 If I could I would give 0 stars!!!! This place was the most HORRIBLE restaurant that I have ever been too!!!! The food was cold, slimy and disgusting!!! The food looked old like it sat all day long! They had melted ice cream in a little freezer, when I went to get one for my 3yr old it went all over...
$ $$$
2.30 (265 reviews)
Restauracja Olimp Czyżyny image
Restauracja Olimp Czyżyny
Buffet restaurant
😠 The worst kebab I've ever eaten! If you want to treat yourself to an intoxicating evening in the toilet, I invite you to a kebab at the Olimp restaurant in Carrefour Czyżyny. The meat is so burnt that it is black, hard, practically no salad. OHYDA !!
$$ $$
2.30 (160 reviews)
Haleema And Mahra Sultan Floating Restaurant image
Haleema And Mahra Sultan Floating Restaurant
Buffet restaurant
😠 Never come to this Restaurant. As soon as we got on the Cruise, We saw that the deck’s Floor was totally damaged, The wooden planks were damaged. We sat down, the Seat was super uncomfortable . We were served a Disgusting Mango flavoured drink. The water we were given was Bitter. The Cruise was sup...
2.30 (55 reviews)
Luckiefun’s Sushi Buffet image
Luckiefun’s Sushi Buffet
😠 Ei ollut kyllä mitenkään häävi paikka. Sushit olivat jopa lämpimiä, mikä oli perin häiritsevää. Taisi olla kulmäketju katkennut useammankin kerran. Maku ja haju ei vakuuttanut päinvastoin. Jälkiruoka-astiat koko ajan loppu. Ei jatkoon…
$$ $$
2.40 (131 reviews)
Restauracja Olimp image
Restauracja Olimp
👍 The concept of putting food on to the plate by the 100g for 5.99 PLN appealed to me and certainly it's a good idea. It is not massively overpriced. Quality generally good but some of the food has been sat around a while in the warmer so bare that in mind. Service was friendly and the location was cl...
$$ $$
2.40 (117 reviews)
Rustic image
Buffet restaurant
😠 Am neplacerea de a lasa un review nu tocmai placut. Tin sa mentionez din start ca nu am nimic personal cu acesti oameni si cu afacerea lor. Am mancat o portie de ciorba de perisoare de la ei, perisoarele avea un gust putin ciudat si dupa am realizat ca erau trecute(probabil de cateva zile). Dupa 1 o...
2.40 (96 reviews)
Full Plate Eatery image
Full Plate Eatery
Buffet restaurant
🫤 Certain foods were obviously frozen foods. Some foods were very bland. Some foods were obviously sitting out too long, being too dry or too soggy. Most foods were disappointing. Way over priced. Not worth it. Waste of money. Only nice thing I can say is the newly remodeled look is nice and the serve...
2.40 (95 reviews)
Unter den Linden image
Unter den Linden
Buffet restaurant
😠 We had the pasta and it was anything but fresh. Its edible but for that price and the small selection you should rather try any other place. Even had a hair in my food :/ Very disappointing. The location was very pretty from the outside.
2.40 (73 reviews)
Restauracja Olimp image
Restauracja Olimp
Buffet restaurant
😠 Jedzenie nieświeże, obsługa przy klientach dolewa wody do kaszy, ryżu, warzyw, desery stare i cuchnące. Dramat. Nie polecam.
$$ $$
2.50 (104 reviews)
Divino Fogão - Shopping Parque Balneário image
Divino Fogão - Shopping Parque Balneário
Buffet restaurant
😠 A comida estava horrível, mas decidi reclamar somente aqui, já que a funcionária que está atendendo sozinha foi simpática e não poderia fazer nada em relação a isso. Tudo duro, difícil de mastigar, o peixe empanado, o dadinho de tapioca, a mandioca frita. Isso foi às 19h. Parece comida requentada do...
$$ $$
2.50 (86 reviews)
China Buffet image
China Buffet
Chinese restaurant
👍👍 I have visited China Buffet at least 10 times in the last few months and would NOT leave a review of any restaurant until I had dined there at least multiple times. So, now I will review this one. As a widower, I dine out at least a couple times each week and I believe that my review is fair and a...
2.50 (52 reviews)
Avsar Bufe image
Avsar Bufe
Fast food restaurant
😠 It was the worst thing I've eaten in a long time. The materials are unbelievably poor quality. No variety of drinks. Coke took 8 TL. It was a very dirty place. It would be better if there was a sushi shop because we ate processed raw meat. I wish I could give -5 stars.
2.60 (807 reviews)
旬香 Shunka image
旬香 Shunka
Izakaya restaurant
😠 I am reviewing for the first time. I was congratulated by my friend, but when I saw this plate and the price, I felt sorry and the atmosphere became awkward. This price is a little pinched. Please refer to the receipt. I immediately left the store and ate my fill at a nearby Sushiro.
$$ $$
2.60 (179 reviews)
Marché Mövenpick image
Marché Mövenpick
👍👍 We enjoyed our pizza margarita. We ate a much more delicious pizza than we expected. The price is quite reasonable. This pizza costs 10,90€ and quite satisfying for two people. Tomato sauces are incredibly delicious. The smells coming from the bakery are appetizing. The view and the ambiance in the...
$$ $$
2.60 (111 reviews)
Towers Cafe image
Towers Cafe
Buffet restaurant
😠 I dormed at Wayne State for 3 years, and Gold n’ Greens and the salad bar were the only things that saved me. Their meat options are usually severely undercooked or overcooked; their pasta is overcooked, dry, and gummy; the pizza tastes cheap and looks like it’s been sitting out for a while; and on...
$ $$$
2.60 (98 reviews)
Night Food Market image
Night Food Market
Buffet restaurant
😠 The whole night market is a tourist scam. Most products are not fresh, price can vary x100 depending of customer face. I clearly don't recommend this. If you really want to play with what your stomach can handle, don't forget to ask the price before ordering.
2.60 (82 reviews)
The Midnight Heroes image
The Midnight Heroes
South Indian restaurant
😠 ——————midnight heroes 🤭🤭🤭🤭—————- Late night studies make me feel very hungry many times. This time i came across with midnight heroes. So I ordered ————- rajma chawal 🍛🍛🍛 dal makhni chawal🍲🍲🍲 I thought I would going to have some tasty 😋 food but i lost my hopes after taking one ☝️ bite😕...
2.60 (67 reviews)
Restauracja Olimp image
Restauracja Olimp
Buffet restaurant
😐 Duży wybór jedzenia, każdy znajdzie coś dla siebie, smakowo jest różnie. Zdarza się, że niektóre potrawy są zbyt tłuste, albo niedoprawione. Jeżeli chodzi o cenę za 100g to jest lekka przesada. Zwykle Olimp odwiedzamy po 20, kiedy jedzenie jest -50%. Na co dzień wolę wydać pieniądze na jedzenie leps...
$$ $$
2.60 (66 reviews)
Emrah Bufe image
Emrah Bufe
Fast food restaurant
🫤 Место. Отличная локация. Можно сесть на лавочку и с видом на море съесть шаурму. Лавочки в зимнее время холодные. Еда. Нам не понравилось. Во первых мало мяса и почти нет соуса, во вторых возможно что то добавляют в 🥩, так как последующие ощущения после еды мягко говоря не очень. Шаурма с курицей б...
2.60 (54 reviews)
AMAHAJI All Day Dining image
AMAHAJI All Day Dining
Buffet restaurant
😐 HILTON瀬底リゾートには、お洒落なイタリアン「セマーレ」などがあります。HILTON北谷のイタリアンがとても良かったので、本来であれば利用したいところですが、今回の宿泊は「ちゅらとく」のお年玉イベントで2食付き。2食ともビュッフェスタイルの「アマハジ」となります。 確か夕食ブッフェが5,000円、朝食ブッフェが1,80...
2.60 (52 reviews)
Evergreenz image
Buffet restaurant
2.60 (51 reviews)
Hotel Romero Mérida image
Hotel Romero Mérida
Contemporary hotel offering rooms with minibars, plus 3 eateries, a bar & an outdoor pool.
2.70 (2.5K reviews)

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