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️ Ngan Cháy Tỏi (Quán Gốc Cũ Lâu Năm Đầu Tiên) image
️ Ngan Cháy Tỏi (Quán Gốc Cũ Lâu Năm Đầu Tiên)
😠 Please do not eat here seriously!!!. Food is lousy, bad quality and it's way over priced for street food (sitted at the roadside). We ordered pork ribs (hardly any meat), duck (really tough and oily), quail egg, 3 rice, 1 beer and 2 coke. Cost us over 900K Dong, we realize the menu had no price.
1.70 (453 reviews)
Chiefs Bistro image
Chiefs Bistro
😠 Worst Airport ever. Service was awful. Most of workers were unhelpful and unkind. I had lunch at Chief´s quick service restaurant, and I ordered some but they overcharged me accidentally. So I came back to them to fix it up. But the guy didn´t even say sorry and just told me that´s how Polish rules...
1.70 (97 reviews)
Quán Ăn Dìn Ký Đà Lạt Chặt Chém image
Quán Ăn Dìn Ký Đà Lạt Chặt Chém
😠 AVOID BY ALL MEAN..tourist RIP OFF !! We got served a set menu with no prices. End bill 1 million !!! For 2 people AVOID AVOID AVOID . Better food and price quality can be find in dalat. Do not go to this kind of old school tourists traps !!!!!! 1 pork feet . Some vegetables, 3 pieces of fish and to...
2.00 (203 reviews)
Bistrot Montréal-Trudeau image
Bistrot Montréal-Trudeau
2.00 (113 reviews)
Season's Cafe @ City Square image
Season's Cafe @ City Square
👍 Was having dinner there on a Wednesday and there wasn’t much crowd. Service was prompt and the servers were super friendly & helpful. The mushroom soup wasn’t fantastic, it clearly tasted like the can mushroom soup poured into bread. The salad was okey, vege crunchy and fresh. I tried their mix gril...
2.00 (59 reviews)
Le Champ de Mars image
Le Champ de Mars
Classic bistro serving steaks & cocktails, with views of the Eiffel Tower from a sidewalk terrace.
2.10 (4.4K reviews)
Bistrot 34r image
Bistrot 34r
😠 Normally I look at reviews before I go somewhere but came across this when tired and hot and wanting something along the River. Figured would be more money as along the river but what a rip off compared to other tourist areas. Aperol spritz was almost 3 euros more than other places on average and wa...
2.10 (288 reviews)
O Regent image
O Regent
😠 I never ever have I experienced this level of rudeness. We were having a small bite with drinks so we came in and specifically asked for that. We were welcomed by the waiter and 1 min later she told us it that we were not welcome in this restaurant (even though there was plenty of available tables a...
2.10 (249 reviews)
Le Bistrot du Clocher image
Le Bistrot du Clocher
😠 DO NOT BOTHER! Our experience at this restaurant was very disappointing. The food (we had pizzas) was average but very expensive. We had to wait over 10 minutes just for tap water to be brought to our table, despite us trying to get the attention of our waiter several times, we could not help but fe...
2.10 (179 reviews)
Allegretto Cafè im Neuen Museum image
Allegretto Cafè im Neuen Museum
😠 The worst drink I ever had. That two drinks in red actually should be home made ice tea and home made limolade, however they tasted like the same, just fruit tea bag with ice water. We paid 4.9€ for a glass of water tasted tea. The coffee was not coffee at all. Tasted like instant coffee. This cafe...
2.10 (145 reviews)
Smiley's Pizza Profis Bramfeld image
Smiley's Pizza Profis Bramfeld
Pizza delivery
😠 Well, it was my first time in the branch and there were 3 employees chatting away and when I went in they were gone... After about 2-3 minutes I called out hello and then one came and was friendly. He took my order, then I didn't see him anymore and I took a look around. Unfortunately, I didn't find...
$$ $$
2.20 (209 reviews)
Minnesinger Bistro image
Minnesinger Bistro
😐 Nichts Besonderes. Die Bedienung ist ok, aber auch nicht mehr. Das Essen ist so lala. Die Qualität des Fleisches war bei uns nicht so gut, der Rest war nichts Besonderes. Am Besten war noch der Rheinische Sauerbraten.
2.20 (110 reviews)
Mr. Clou Mr. Clou Naturspezialitäten Handels GmbH image
Mr. Clou Mr. Clou Naturspezialitäten Handels GmbH
Fast food restaurant
😠 Grundsätzlich hab ich immer gern dort eingekauft. Doch es ist nun schon das dritte Mal, dass der Bulgur-Salat schlecht ist. Ebenso bei den "frischen" Säften hatte ich jetzt schon ein paar Mal vergorene dabei. Absolutes NoGo für die Preise und spricht man dies beim Personal an, wird hier lediglich ab...
$$ $$
2.20 (82 reviews)
PARCUS image
Cocktail bar
😠 I could use many adjectives to describe this non-experience, but I just say it was bad. The bouncers were of a unique rudeness, rude, boorish, rude, in short, people of nothing. A place where the age target is close to that of my grandfather, the main reason for which we were refused entry, despite...
$$ $$
2.30 (211 reviews)
Bar Felix image
Bar Felix
Dine-in · Takeaway · Delivery
2.30 (67 reviews)
Pasticceria Alinari Cafè image
Pasticceria Alinari Cafè
Cake shop
👍👍 Nice pizza available here!! We tried margarita and other two. Pizza really tasty and delicious 😋
$$ $$
2.40 (580 reviews)
bistrot du port image
bistrot du port
😠 RED FLAG ALERT. Tourist trap. Be prepared to pay 14€ for a pint and 7€ for a small beer. Awful place.
2.40 (199 reviews)
Millennium image
😠 One of the worst restaurant experiences ever. As a group, after finishing meal, we were charged for the food we either not ordered or already paid. 15 more euro for nothing. And the waitress started to shout saying that we need to speak with her boss. And previous the waiter who took the payment sai...
2.40 (122 reviews)
Bistrò BorgoPio92A Caffè image
Bistrò BorgoPio92A Caffè
Espresso bar
😠 Never go there!!! It's the worst experience we had in Italy and probably the worst experience in a restautant, ever. They simply steal you. It's a trap. 12 euros for a green tea??? Seriously?? And they were SO RUDE. I hope you see this review before going to that place and think twice before you do....
2.40 (85 reviews)
South Beach Bistro image
South Beach Bistro
😠 Nem annyira érdekel a kiszolgálás egy strandon, ezért az össz 1 csillag a kajára jár. 4400 Ft-ért életünk legrosszabb lángosát ettük, száraz volt és a legolcsóbb nagyon rossz minőségű sajt és tejföl volt rajta, a tejföl csak foltokban. A felét kidobtuk olyan rossz volt. Sok fokhagymával kértük, seme...
2.40 (85 reviews)
😠 Personnel délaisser par manager qui brasse de l'air. Aucune communication, la caissière ou plus tôt la cuisinière enfin je ne sais ne sais pas ce qu'il y a au menu de retour de vacance m'explique telle . 2 autres serveur caissiers ou la encore je ne sais pas .. dépassé tout deux par le services ne...
$$ $$
2.40 (65 reviews)
Le Bistrot de Marie image
Le Bistrot de Marie
😠 Eating here was a horrible experience. We had to wait very long for the food, another couple left because of that. The biggest problem was that, apart from one friendly waiter, the rest of the waiters were having a lot of fun amongst themselves. The music was very loud and after having asked for it...
$$ $$
2.50 (471 reviews)
Smiley's Pizza Profis Hamburg Bergedorf image
Smiley's Pizza Profis Hamburg Bergedorf
Pizza delivery
😠 Zum wiederholten Mal über 2 Stunden auf die Pizza gewartet und dann noch kalt geliefert. Von der Dame am Telefon wird man nur frech angelogen. Die erzählt einem am Telefon die Pizza sei schon unterwegs und unmittelbar vorm Kunden und wir haben noch eine weitere Stunde gewartet. Werde nie wieder bei...
$$ $$
2.50 (454 reviews)
Smiley's image
Pizza delivery
😠 Received our pizzas today after 1 hour and 45 minutes. Unfortunately no one could be reached by phone. We would have liked to cancel again because we were really hungry and didn't want to wait that long. When the pizzas were finally delivered, the disappointment was even greater. The box was complet...
$$ $$
2.50 (176 reviews)
ingredienti image
Easygoing counter-serve eatery in Terminal 1 dispensing Italian pastries, snacks & espresso drinks.
2.50 (141 reviews)
Palliardi Cafe image
Palliardi Cafe
😠 Terrible place. Stopped by for a quick lunch, from the menu the food looked good and the prices were decent. Once I got the food it didn't look appealing and it didn't taste good either. When I went to pay, the total price on the receipt was outrageous! They sneak in a bunch of extra prices. A 10% s...
2.50 (126 reviews)
Majorelle Gammarth image
Majorelle Gammarth
😠 BEWARE! Worst customer service experience. The workers were impolite and also tried to add items to our bill that we did not order and the things we did order, we did not receive - It was over a few hours and never got the octopus dish we ordered! The manager was also not helpful at all - did not kn...
2.50 (120 reviews)
Cocos image
Fast food restaurant
😠 Als wir mittags das Restaurant besucht haben war es noch ziemlich leer, wir bestellten für 8 Mann Essen ( gebratene Nudeln und Gemüsesuppe) dazu natürlich Getränke und wollten dort gemütlich Mittagessen. Das Essen kam schnell, lieblos auf den Teller geklatscht die gebratenen Nudeln waren übel Trock...
2.50 (115 reviews)
Hermanns image
😠 Places like this should be illegal. Germans love an honest Currywurst. This place is not honest and has no wurst (sausage). It's a disgrace to German sausage, culture and hospitality. Yuck.
2.50 (64 reviews)
sáu lựu image
sáu lựu
Dine-in · Takeaway
2.50 (52 reviews)

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