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Taiga image
Night club
$$ $$
2.50 (67 reviews)
The Scat Club image
The Scat Club
Night club
😠 Closed for a year, the "bouncers" of this "disco" have taken the liberty of refusing us entry. We were 4 guys in good standing with our sanitary passes. They blackmailed us, offering us a starter with a bottle at 120 euros. This "bouncer" was very virulent at the entrance, forcing a quick response...
$$ $$
2.60 (191 reviews)
S.A.S.H image
Night club
Popular dance club overlooking the harbour, featuring hanging chandeliers, cocktails and 2 terraces.
2.70 (163 reviews)
Paradise Club image
Paradise Club
Live music bar
2.80 (99 reviews)
Malt image
Live music bar
😠 Selling overpriced aclohol. Vodka smells like industry alcohol. Tried to fire it up. Doesnt burn. Health hazard if you drink that!
$$ $$
2.90 (176 reviews)
Le Banc De Sable image
Le Banc De Sable
Live music bar
2.90 (126 reviews)
BARonciani 1968 sirmione image
BARonciani 1968 sirmione
Live music bar
2.90 (96 reviews)

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