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Bar Maestri Comacini image
Bar Maestri Comacini
1.10 (111 reviews)
Sunny Bar image
Sunny Bar
1.10 (81 reviews)
Milano Principe image
Milano Principe
😠 UPDATE: They remove their restaurant from google every few weeks to get rid of bad reviews. Stay away from this place!!!! Biggest tourist trap in Milano. We got Charged 8.50 per cappucino. These people are thieves, ridiculous prices. They did want to give a menu as well, we thought it was fine since...
1.10 (67 reviews)
... image
Public parking space
😠 Nothing needs to be said about this company, they present themselves perfectly with their retro-based "informative" homepage. Neither a phone number, nor terms of use, nor specific objects are indicated, but there are words of praise about yourself and an account number. :)
1.10 (58 reviews)
Sky Lounge image
Sky Lounge
1.20 (461 reviews)
Cafe de Zwaan image
Cafe de Zwaan
1.20 (266 reviews)
Belle Nuit image
Belle Nuit
😠 AVOID!!!!! SCAM!!!!!!! HORRIBLE!!!!!!! Scamming all the way, we just wanted those 2,5€ pita gyroses, first we asked take away, and that was not possible. We were super hungry so we tought okey quickly then. As well we orderder one small water with gas. As young tourist in hurry we didn’t e...
1.20 (225 reviews)
All Day Bar image
All Day Bar
😠 Scam. Avoid at all costs. Don't trust this place, gentlemen makes small talk outside takes you into offer you a beer then leaves, barmaids ask for multiple drinks/shots with you. Receive the bill and each of their drinks is priced at 30euros each (10euros for a bottled beer) so easily adds up. When...
1.20 (102 reviews)
Centro De Salud Huércal De Almería image
Centro De Salud Huércal De Almería
Public medical center
😠 La dos señoras de recepción una vergüenza, hablando de si Irán mañana a comer a un bar o no, mientras tu estás hay esperando a que te atiendan, no se cortan ni un pelo, es una vergüenza que estas personas estén trabajando para un público que viene aquí porque está enfermo, y no es la primera vez que...
1.20 (75 reviews)
Dra Mabel Vielma y Compañía image
Dra Mabel Vielma y Compañía
Public medical center
😠 Llegamos a la hora agendada con mi papá que es quien tenía la hora con la doctora, y nos aburrimos de esperar, más de una hora esperando la atención, encima somos de otra comuna, nos pegamos un viaje de una hora para recurrir a ella para que haga esperar tanto a sus usuarios. Si agenda una hora espe...
1.20 (59 reviews)
Blue Night image
Blue Night
Adult entertainment club
😠 You will get robbed !!!! If you are a tourist or even a german who hasn't been there dont even try to enter, the girls will try to chat with you and then let you invite them a cocktail, called "Picolo", they will just open it not even drink it, and then you will need to pay 60€ just for it. Scam sca...
1.30 (370 reviews)
Gordon Street Surgery image
Gordon Street Surgery
Public medical center
😠 When calling, there is almost 1 minute of waffling, before then saying ‘we’re experiencing a high volume of calls, please try again later’ and the phone hangs up. What happened to the queue system? I’ve managed to see a doctor about 5 times over the last 20 years, when needing to see them far more....
1.30 (188 reviews)
The Hooch image
The Hooch
😠 Are incredibly discriminatory against the LGBTQ+ community and trans women especially. They not only allow hate crimes to occur but encourage it and other violence as well. You’re not safe or respected there.
1.30 (152 reviews)
Les Trois image
Les Trois
😠 Simularon ser amables, habia cosas de la carta que no tenian y cuando pedimos antes de traer la comida nos trajeron la cuenta porque “cambiaban de caja”, raro a las 22hs. Cuando nos traen la comida no era lo que habíamos pedido y cuando reclamamos no asumieron el error y se excusaban con que ya habí...
1.30 (63 reviews)
Smażona Rybka image
Smażona Rybka
😠 Nie polecam podają zepsute potrawy po których źle się czuję. Jak będzie zatrucie to się doigrają. Nie widziałem tu dezynfekcji a olej do smażenia pamięta króla świeczka potrawa nim jedzie jak smażone na jakimś Castrolu.
1.30 (60 reviews)
Pearl Lounge T5 image
Pearl Lounge T5
😠 The receptionist asked us to wait 10 min due to “capacity “ and later changed her mind that all Priority Pass holders are not welcomed at the moment, they will only allow business class passengers into the lounge. They could have put it up at the door and not wasted anyone’s time waiting and later r...
1.30 (59 reviews)
Pizzeria Bar NonStop image
Pizzeria Bar NonStop
😠 Zupa pomidorowa rozwodniona i nieprzyprawiona- woda z pomidorami z puszki. Pierś z kurczaka w zestawie…tragedia. „Panierka” niewiadomo z czego, mięso bez smaku, frytki smażone na miesięcznym oleju, ogólnie wszystko mdłe i smakuje starym tłuszczem aż robi się człowiekowi niedobrze, ODRADZAM! Gdzie je...
1.30 (55 reviews)
Przychodnia Lekarska "Medycyna" w Alwerni Sp. z o.o. image
Przychodnia Lekarska "Medycyna" w Alwerni Sp. z o.o.
Medical clinic
😠 Teleporada w tym ośrodku to jakiś mało śmieszny żart!!! Umówiony termin na godzinę 15, ale od 40 min nie idzie się dodzwonić do pani doktor. W rejestracji Pani udzielila tylko ZŁOTEJ RADY „proszę próbować do skutku” Chyba nie po to sa godziny teleporad żeby trzeba było wisieć na telefonie cały dzie...
1.30 (55 reviews)
L'Aquarelle image
😠 Poor customer service! My friend and I ordered for a menu set and strawberry crepe (worth ~15 euro). We were served additional food that we thought was included in the menu set, but apparently not. So we were shocked when we got our bill (41.50 euro). We tried to argue, but the waiter only said "sor...
1.40 (392 reviews)
Fadi image
Dine-in · Takeaway
1.40 (390 reviews)
Norrsken Lounge image
Norrsken Lounge
😠 On arrival, the lounge area was relatively small and extremely crowded. All tables were occupied bar some sections of the bar area with stools, and one table which didn’t have any guests sitting at it but was covered in dirty glasses, plates and other items. The only visible member of staff when we...
1.40 (353 reviews)
Caffè Martelli image
Caffè Martelli
😠 Gave 20e note for 1 coffee. Got only 8e change back. I asked for my money back straight away they wouldn't refund me. Do not go to this place at all it will ruin your holiday in Florence.
1.40 (351 reviews)
Empordanet1842 Bar Tapas image
Empordanet1842 Bar Tapas
Tapas bar
😠 Horrible place! The waiter was extremily unpolite. He first refused to give us the menu, then he refused to take our order for a bottle of water saying that we should order more to stay there. If you are in Pals just go to other place where people will certainly treat you better.
1.40 (282 reviews)
Modality - Handsworth Wood Medical Centre image
Modality - Handsworth Wood Medical Centre
Public medical center
😠 Terrible GP, the worst I’ve ever had. I can never get through on the phone to book appointments and their econsult has also now been deactivated. I requested a call back a week ago, and I’ve still not heard anything. I have also tried calling at 8am to be told appointments aren’t open and being hung...
1.40 (277 reviews)
Caffetteria salvo D'acquisto image
Caffetteria salvo D'acquisto
😠 ABSOLUTE RIP OFF ! Arrogant, aggressive & intimidating service. Didn’t feel safe or respected. Worst experience ever, massively overpriced. Paid 30 eur for 2x small coffees, 1x sandwich and 1x glass of water, although prices when we asked before ordering were lower. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE if you want to...
1.40 (205 reviews)
Lido San Vito image
Lido San Vito
Dine-in · Takeaway · Delivery
1.40 (173 reviews)
Pearl Lounge Casablanca T1 Departure image
Pearl Lounge Casablanca T1 Departure
😠 Why is there not an option for ZERO stars. The worst lounge experience ever. This is not a lounge, it's a joke and card companies will be paying for this service for their customers. They even ran out of toilet tissue in the toilet. Bring your own food, drinks and toilet tissue Luckily...
1.40 (168 reviews)
Bar de la Taverne des Deux Augustins image
Bar de la Taverne des Deux Augustins
😠 Very Dirty , no eat here !
1.40 (119 reviews)
Health Center Cruz de Caravaca image
Health Center Cruz de Caravaca
Public medical center
😠 Llamando desde las 8 de la mañana, teléfono descolgado. Voy a que me den cita, para confirmación de mi baja médica, y me dice el señor que "vaya horas!!!" que ya no hay cita para hoy. Le digo que llevo toda la mañana llamando y el teléfono está descolgado, y se ofende y de malas maneras me invita a...
1.40 (88 reviews)
Geographic Pub image
Geographic Pub
😠 I was here for hookah last night and only 10 minutes passed and we haven’t had the greatest experience. The waitress has been extremely rude - for no reason and threw the bill at us basically. As soon as you order your drinks and hookah, you are required to pay immediately. The bill was wrong for us...
1.40 (80 reviews)

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