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Cister Catorce image
Cister Catorce
Coffee shop
😠 This place needs to be shut down immediately! Mediocre food would be the lesser of evils. They don't put drinks on the menu and then charge you a fortune. Finally, they try to steal a few more euros from you with alleged "errors" (2 in our case) on the receipt, which I attach. Stay away!
1.00 (144 reviews)
Holywings Cafe image
Holywings Cafe
Coffee shop
😠 di DUNIA anda masih aman & bisa tertawa, tapi di alam kubur? padang mahsyar?
1.00 (66 reviews)
Caffè Arte Italiana Srl image
Caffè Arte Italiana Srl
Coffee shop
😠 Honestly 1 is too kind. We got bad vibes sitting there. We were so hungry. They had a €9, deal The food was disgusting. The staff were horrible..we waited ages. I nearly got sick eating my pizza Less than half glsss of wine. What we thought was €9, deal ended up been over €70 euro..we were so angry....
1.10 (541 reviews)
Bar Vinoteca Winimar image
Bar Vinoteca Winimar
👍👍 Welcome to the worst rated place of Erice! This is a reminder that I should always check the Google Maps rating of any place. If you read this after being overcharged, please thumb-up this comment, you're not alone. So I paid 6€ for a cappuccino and a coffee, after rushing into this café with a tour...
1.10 (324 reviews)
Caffetteria Vesuvio image
Caffetteria Vesuvio
Dine-in · Delivery
1.10 (118 reviews)
Αναψυκτήριο - Cafe Αρχαιολογικού Χώρου Ολυμπίας image
Αναψυκτήριο - Cafe Αρχαιολογικού Χώρου Ολυμπίας
Coffee shop
😠 Horrible prices. Don’t go to this place. Better goto the restaurant 300 meters further at the archeological museum. Better and cheaper. Just ordered two lemonade and two small box of pringles chips. €26,-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1.20 (60 reviews)
Cafetería Heladería Magú image
Cafetería Heladería Magú
Coffee shop
😠 No merece la pena para nada, nos ha faltado al respeto, los helados cuestan demasiado y ni siquiera son buenos, los maxibon 4,5 por ejemplo. Los baños funcionan fatal y están súper descuidados. Para los intolerantes a la lactosa o los veranos sólo tiene 4 tipos de sorbete y ya, no hay leche sin lact...
1.20 (52 reviews)
Paneria image
Coffee shop
😠 Paguei 7 reais em uma garrafinha de água, preço extremamente surreal. Além disso, mesmo com preços exorbitantes de tudo (e pouca concorrência na rodoviária) havia apenas uma funcionária cuidando de tudo - do caixa, servindo e até limpando! Aumenta ainda mais minha indignação com esses preços altos e...
1.20 (50 reviews)
Gran Caffe' Fruit & Coffee image
Gran Caffe' Fruit & Coffee
Coffee shop
😠 Ommggg I wish I checked the reviews, I just got back from Rome 2 weeks ago and spent a while trying to track this place down just so I could give this review as I knew this place was SHADY. They charged us 34 euros for 1 cappuccino, one espresso and 3 croissants. This was our first few days in Rome...
1.30 (696 reviews)
Zelis Cafe image
Zelis Cafe
😠 I agree with the previous comment - they charged my husband and I 40 lira more than the price they showed us in front of the restaurant. Portions are incredibly small, but the food was delicious.
1.30 (356 reviews)
Caffe Bistrot Maleducatti image
Caffe Bistrot Maleducatti
Coffee shop
😠 Daylight robbery and rude staff. Prices are not advertised properly. Charged €3.50 for one 50cl sparkling water, €4 for one espresso, €6 for 50cl bottle of peach iced tea. Staff questioned whether I had ordered when I sat outside. Had to sit there for 20 minutes because staff forgot to make our espr...
1.30 (148 reviews)
Milky way image
Milky way
😠 The most expensive cofee in Loutraki. Place looks cheap and awful
1.30 (124 reviews)
Cerezo Café image
Cerezo Café
😠 Como os lo explico... No vayáis, aunque os den dinero. Con el sitio tan privilegiado que tienen y como la cagan con la comida y el servicio. Las migas, foto, estaban más secas que el ojo de un tuerto. La "paella" seca, las judías verdes sosas, el pollo asado, que mira que es difícil que esté malo, p...
1.30 (117 reviews)
Elephant Safari Sigiriya image
Elephant Safari Sigiriya
👍 What a terrible place. This poor elephant, which in nature would be in a herd and enjoying roaming the jungle and grasslands, spends its days chained to a tree and is then forced to traipse up and down all day with up to six people on its back accompanied by an idiot with a spear. Shame on those peo...
1.30 (98 reviews)
Jerry's Subs and Pizza image
Jerry's Subs and Pizza
Cheesesteak restaurant
Contemporary chain specializing in pizza, hot & cold subs & a variety of cheesesteaks.
$$ $$
1.30 (80 reviews)
Truva cafe image
Truva cafe
😠 Tried Iskender Kebab. The taste was good but they overcharged. The prices on menu are not the same when they take the bill. They take extra money.
1.30 (58 reviews)
Cafetería NESCAFÉ image
Cafetería NESCAFÉ
Coffee shop
😠 Mesas,cristales y suelo sucio y dejado... Atencion poco profesional. Precios excesivos... El pan del mini bocadillo muy seco y el jamon de ibérico tenía bien poco aparte que se lo habían enseñado al pan porque venía medio vacío. Un zumo de piña 2.80eur y los mini croisant a 1 eur cada uno y encima s...
1.30 (55 reviews)
Drac ñam image
Drac ñam
Coffee shop
😠 Lamentable comida, penoso servicio, mal educados, poco respetuosos con los niños, muy sucios. No volveré jamás!! Pedimos libro de reclamación y decían que no tenía. Debería de estar cerrado.
1.30 (52 reviews)
Caffé Maioli image
Caffé Maioli
😠 This place should be shut down. No mentioning of prices… €5 euros demanded at till point for a cup of hot water and a tea bag placed on top. My mouth opened in astonishment. I live in London so I’m used to some high prices but I’ve never seen anything like this place. AVOID AT ALL COSTS
1.40 (1K reviews)
Caffè Martelli image
Caffè Martelli
😠 Gave 20e note for 1 coffee. Got only 8e change back. I asked for my money back straight away they wouldn't refund me. Do not go to this place at all it will ruin your holiday in Florence.
1.40 (351 reviews)
Sun cafe image
Sun cafe
😠 Please be aware that the prices for everything are much! higher if you seat and not take away. I took an espresso and one cake and instead of 5 Euros paid 11 Euros. Never made such an experience before, when espresso cost 1,5 Euros to take away and 4 Euros if you stay 1 Minute and drink it seating!...
1.40 (227 reviews)
Caffetteria salvo D'acquisto image
Caffetteria salvo D'acquisto
😠 ABSOLUTE RIP OFF ! Arrogant, aggressive & intimidating service. Didn’t feel safe or respected. Worst experience ever, massively overpriced. Paid 30 eur for 2x small coffees, 1x sandwich and 1x glass of water, although prices when we asked before ordering were lower. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE if you want to...
1.40 (205 reviews)
Bar de la Taverne des Deux Augustins image
Bar de la Taverne des Deux Augustins
😠 Very Dirty , no eat here !
1.40 (119 reviews)
Snack Bar Sunset image
Snack Bar Sunset
😠 Coffe expresso 2.5eura. Too expensive for country. In Zadar centre, same coffe 1.5 euro.
1.40 (89 reviews)
كوفي image
Coffee shop
😠 يا فاصخ الحياء الله لا يوفقك أطالب البلدية بتسكير هذا الكوفي المخل بالأداب فلوسك فلوس حرام ترا حسبي الله و نعم الوكيل فيك
1.40 (74 reviews)
Oistros Café image
Oistros Café
😠 I think I’m not supposed to upload this picture, but price is too high, And they didn’t gave us wifi password until we order some food. That’s why I decided to upload this photo. But, let’s just be generous. This restaurant can earn money ONLY summer high season. Why don’t we think this is a fair p...
1.40 (65 reviews)
Segafredo image
Coffee shop
😠 I thought the Sahara was in Merzouga but apparently you can also experience it here. The most dry sandwich I ever ate in my life buh
1.40 (63 reviews)
Coffee Express image
Coffee Express
👍👍 I had a transfer at this airport and my plane was delayed. Accordingly, I needed somewhere to spend some time. The first thing that caught my eye was this coffee shop. In fact, after the news of the delayed flight, I was completely upset and needed to take a breath. Here I met a very nice girl, whos...
1.40 (50 reviews)
Vivienne Café Restaurant image
Vivienne Café Restaurant
😠 So they came out and grabbed us off the street. It looked ok. Nice balcony. Ordered a noodle dish for 100,000 (about $5 US) and then requested a wine list. The man responded “red or white”. We chose white. He brought the wine. Was very pushy. When we went to leave he says we owe 2,300,000 (roughly $...
1.50 (907 reviews)
Sal Dulce Cafeteria image
Sal Dulce Cafeteria
😠 First of all, the cocktails were not a succes. The alcohol was missing, the glass was still dirty and they are simply not worth your money. We ordered multiple tapas dishes, all of them were not good. The squid rings were missing squid, the mushroom were disgusting, the fries too salty and the bread...
1.50 (392 reviews)

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