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Караоке-клуб Филармония image
Караоке-клуб Филармония
Karaoke bar
😠 This was my first time here. Per guest the deposit is 10,000 rubles. At some point, a waiter came up to me and said that my deposit would soon be exceeded (by the way, especially when I visit an establishment for the first time, I always very carefully monitor my order and its amount, and at the tim...
2.40 (230 reviews)
Karaoke Bidasoa 5 image
Karaoke Bidasoa 5
Karaoke bar
😠 I went to celebrate my girlfriend's birthday, we entered and there was a very good atmosphere and very good songs were heard, my girlfriend and I ordered a beer, later, I went to the bathroom and when I left I found my girlfriend making out with another, I quickly left and it made me want to burn t...
2.40 (79 reviews)
Banshee image
Karaoke bar
😠 It’s okay if you’re over 40 or want to bring your gran to listen to some music whilst she knits but for anyone under the age of 40, don’t waste your time and money. The music is absolutely atrocious, coming from somebody who loves all kinds of music, that is really bad. We were by far half the age,...
2.40 (58 reviews)
El Lago Waters Resort image
El Lago Waters Resort
Resort hotel
Unpretentious rooms with balconies or patios, plus an outdoor pool, a sauna and a tennis court.
2.50 (424 reviews)
Thigh Bar image
Thigh Bar
😠 BEWARE OF SCAM! This is a horrible, horrible place. You won't see a whole show, no matter what you say or do or how much you tip. They charge you for entrance, saying you can stay as long as you want, but after 10 minutes or so they spray soda on you to chace you out. They place is very loud with...
2.50 (81 reviews)
Monte cava image
Monte cava
😠 ATTENTION! This establishment works according to a scheme with fake girls, and a colleague suffered a decent amount of money! Be carefull! We are currently writing to all possible authorities! If someone is reading this review and also suffered, leave your contacts in the comments, I will contact yo...
2.50 (57 reviews)
Karaoke SM 2 image
Karaoke SM 2
Karaoke bar
😠 Anh em chơi ở đây nên để ý tiền hóa đơn kỷ, tiếp tân ghi khống những thứ ko dùng và tính sai rất nhiều thứ.
2.50 (50 reviews)
仁德金牌KTV image
Video karaoke
😠 大家都已經嫌棄到這樣了 我也不好說什麼⋯ 就⋯⋯⋯真的⋯⋯⋯嗯⋯⋯⋯爛而已 難怪現在這麼冷清
$ $$$
2.60 (165 reviews)
K-ONE KTV image
Karaoke bar
😠 I went there with a group of friends (8 people total) and in short, our experience was harrowing. Initially were told that it will be $15 per person ($17 on website) for the happy hour (4.30-8 weekdays). We sang as normal but as times goes on, we got really heated as there were no vents in the room....
2.60 (99 reviews)
Mint Music Bar image
Mint Music Bar
Night club
😠 It's a scam, guys, it's a total scam. Fraud. I met a girl (Tinder) - invited me for coffee, and we ended up (at her suggestion) at the mint music bar. I didn’t ask for a separate bill (the “mammon” that hasn’t died out yet) And she ordered for +20k, and when it was time to pay, she refused because s...
2.60 (70 reviews)
Night club
😠 A biztonsági őrt nem.szerette az anyja és a vendégeken éli ki az a kotonszökevény
2.60 (52 reviews)
CEO Karaoke image
CEO Karaoke
Karaoke bar
Funky karaoke bar with unique private rooms offering a robust drink selection & international fare.
$$ $$
2.70 (394 reviews)
Bugatti Karaoke image
Bugatti Karaoke
Karaoke bar
😠 Bad very bad. There was a girl who, because of her good breasts, allowed her to sing WITHOUT A MASK. Fatal. We will EVER return.
$$ $$
2.80 (94 reviews)
503 Entertainment image
503 Entertainment
Night club
Big Miami-style dance club featuring hip-hop, salsa & other music, with a sports bar & pool tables.
$$ $$
2.80 (88 reviews)
ZigZag image
Karaoke bar
😠 В ужасе! Пришла с подругой и другом в надежде просто спокойно посидеть. Друг ушел, остались вдвоем. Стали приставать не русские, вышли на улицу, вернувшись, молодые люди не пускали и приставали, один из не русских парней схватил за руку и толкнул, что чуть не упала с лестницы, сказал что если я не п...
2.80 (82 reviews)
Calacucco image
😠 Todella likainen paikka sekä tahmeat lattiat ja aina lasinsiruja lattiat täynnä. Pitäisi panostaa siivoukseen ja poistaa lasituopit käytöstä sekä panostaa kiinteistön ylläpitoon.
$$ $$
2.80 (69 reviews)
THE RHYTHM 节奏大使 image
Family restaurant
😠 Poor Food quality and quantity. Poor service too for overpriced food, not worth, 3hrs ktv for $700RM++
2.80 (58 reviews)
Contraste image
Karaoke bar
😠 I cannot believe this place. First of all, every drink you buy is at least 10€ even water (Wich is tap water filled bottles) or Coke.. so I ordered an 8y/o whisky dewards white label and the thing they pour into my glas was almost kerosene, the refill the bottles too ... Sure it's the only place th...
$$ $$
2.90 (269 reviews)
Tusa Music Club & Karaoke image
Tusa Music Club & Karaoke
Night club
😠 В мене бракує культурних слів, щоб висловити своє враження! Під назвою «український клуб» ви вмикаєте російське музло, ведуча балакає на чистій кацапській і ви навіть цього не соромитесь! Соромно за таких «українців», які відкривають клуб в Польщі і показують полякам яка «українська музика». Мені аб...
2.90 (192 reviews)
Karaoke - Bar "Estrada" image
Karaoke - Bar "Estrada"
Karaoke bar
😠 The establishment is terrible!!! We called in advance to reserve a table for 4 people for the evening, and a guy made an appointment for us! We arrive at the appointed time, and they tell us that no one called them or booked a table in this name at all! How so?? when they picked up the phone and rec...
2.90 (69 reviews)
Viihdemaailma Ilona, Joensuu image
Viihdemaailma Ilona, Joensuu
Night club
😠 Töykeä asiakaspalvelu baaritiskillä. Karmean makuinen ja hajuinen hanaolut. En käsitä miten tällaista myydään vuodesta toiseen. Ei laadunvalvontaa. Ei voi suositella
$$ $$
2.90 (58 reviews)

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