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Pearl Lounge T5 image
Pearl Lounge T5
😠 The receptionist asked us to wait 10 min due to “capacity “ and later changed her mind that all Priority Pass holders are not welcomed at the moment, they will only allow business class passengers into the lounge. They could have put it up at the door and not wasted anyone’s time waiting and later r...
1.30 (59 reviews)
Norrsken Lounge image
Norrsken Lounge
😠 On arrival, the lounge area was relatively small and extremely crowded. All tables were occupied bar some sections of the bar area with stools, and one table which didn’t have any guests sitting at it but was covered in dirty glasses, plates and other items. The only visible member of staff when we...
1.40 (353 reviews)
Pearl Lounge Casablanca T1 Departure image
Pearl Lounge Casablanca T1 Departure
😠 Why is there not an option for ZERO stars. The worst lounge experience ever. This is not a lounge, it's a joke and card companies will be paying for this service for their customers. They even ran out of toilet tissue in the toilet. Bring your own food, drinks and toilet tissue Luckily...
1.40 (168 reviews)
Bar Aduana Vieja image
Bar Aduana Vieja
😠 Rip off, asked for the Tostada special, she brought an orange juice, nothing else came. Asked her again for the tostada special and she brought everything in it including another Orange juice, 15 euros for 2 small orange juices, a terrible coffee and a toasted ham sandwich. No wonder the place is em...
1.60 (601 reviews)
Swissport Horizon Lounge image
Swissport Horizon Lounge
😠 Having been to many different lounges around the world, this one was extra basic, just enough to have a snack and drink. It was quite small with uncomfortable chairs and very busy. Considering Switzerland has such great food on offer everywhere, the lounge was by far the worst food I've had on my tr...
1.60 (63 reviews)
Cubitos de Aragón image
Cubitos de Aragón
😠 VERGONZOSO! Nos confirmaron un pedido para un evento, nunca llego el reparto dejándonos tirados con más de 40 sacos solicitados para un evento, dejándonos tirados a escasas horas del inicio del mismo. Llamas 1000 veces al número fijo y al móvil y nadie te lo coge. Una auténtica verguenza, la peor...
1.60 (62 reviews)
Los Candiles image
Los Candiles
😠 This should actually be considered a scam, DO NOT go eat in here, we did the mistake of not reading the reviews before ordering here, food was either extremely salty or bland as hell. The meat smelled weird like it was a day from expiring and the calamari was the worst I’ve ever eaten. They should b...
1.70 (477 reviews)
Pearl Lounge image
Pearl Lounge
😠 Worst airport lounge I have ever been in. No restrooms in the lounge at all. Absolutely no food available whatsoever, only bottles of water, orange juice, a few cans of various flavours of soda pop. Coffee & tea were available, but you weren’t allowed to serve yourself, you had to ask someone to get...
1.80 (147 reviews)
Little Sister Lounge image
Little Sister Lounge
😠 DO NOT, and I repeat!!!!! DO NOT go to this place. As you’ve probably seen from previous reviews, they are absolutely racist. They asked for a $400 dollar cover for 4 people to “sit at the bar”. Incredibly racist (as other reviewers have said). Please. Do not support an establishment like this. Ther...
1.90 (328 reviews)
NHY Plaza Premium Lounge image
NHY Plaza Premium Lounge
🫤 ✈️ Airport: One of the only paid lounge options available in Addis Ababa. Entrance fee is U$30 per person and has a time limit of 5hours. (The details seems to vary a little and go up to U$40 per person, for 4hours use). The food was ok. Not terrible. Not fantastic. The drinks were standard and this...
1.90 (76 reviews)
The Yorkshire Lounge image
The Yorkshire Lounge
👍👍 After reading past reviews about the lounge staff been rude and unhelpful, and the food choice been very limited and quality poor, I wasn’t expecting great things and very nearly didn’t bother going in. We asked at the reception desk what food they had on and if they can cater for dairy and gluten f...
2.00 (118 reviews)
Plaza Premium Lounge (International Departures, Terminal 1) image
Plaza Premium Lounge (International Departures, Terminal 1)
🫤 Arrived on a Saturday evening. To my surprise there was a 30-45 min wait to be let in. People who made (and presumably paid for) were allowed to go to the front of the line. Pluses: 1. The seating area was reasonable comfortable. 2. Some free drinks 3. I was able to snag a banana and an apple 4. Th...
2.00 (79 reviews)
Le Privilège image
Le Privilège
Night club
😠 Tribute to those who show such long-suffering by shutting themselves up weekly in this establishment. A tip, do not go there before 3-4 before because the room is deserted; fortunately the bouncers are there to fill it. An entry price similar to a prostate analysis, which in my opinion legitimizes...
$$ $$
2.00 (64 reviews)
Swissport Lounge chicago image
Swissport Lounge chicago
😠 Truly one of the worst lounges I have ever visited. I knew that lounges in the usa where generally terrible but I never expected it to be this bad. The lounge has no windows and only limited seating. The food selection is non existent as they are only serving unhealthy snacks such as potato chips a...
2.10 (1.4K reviews)
Residenz Club & Lounge image
Residenz Club & Lounge
Disco club
😠 DO NOT GO TO THIS BAR!!!!! This bar practices 21st century racism. I went to this bar with 6 German friends. I was polite to the bouncer, handed my English drivers license and spoke my best German to him. However despite this he accused only me of being drunk. Yet I had drunk less than the Germans w...
$$ $$
2.10 (438 reviews)
Treehouse image
Neon-lit nightspot with DJs & dancing, plus a fashionable roof deck with greenery.
2.10 (216 reviews)
Namah Lounge image
Namah Lounge
🫤 The lounge must be made 24x7 and capacity must be increased. It's designed to handle not more than 40-50 people. This number is too small for a busy terminal station like CST Plus cleanliness needs to be improved.
2.10 (87 reviews)
Seventy image
Tapas bar
Paellas, seafood plates & tapas paired with Spanish wines in a relaxed modern venue with a terrace.
$$ $$
2.20 (613 reviews)
Paul's Cocktail Lounge image
Paul's Cocktail Lounge
Tribeca Grand Hotel cocktail lounge via scenemaker Paul Sevigny that's known for its tough door.
2.20 (309 reviews)
Mezcal Ultra Lounge image
Mezcal Ultra Lounge
Night club
Upscale venue featuring Mexican fare & bottle service, plus dancing to Latin, hip-hop & pop music.
2.20 (141 reviews)
Nautic Club image
Nautic Club
Night club
😠 Mit Abstand schlechtester Club , bleibt wo ihr seid oder geht in die Cocktailbar nebenan! Schlechte Musik Unfreundliche Türsteher die denken die seien etwas besseres sobald man etwas zu sagen hat… 😂 Für mich leider pure Geldverschwendung gewesen, fahrt lieber die 30km weiter nach Lübeck oder so ✌🏾...
2.20 (140 reviews)
Take off Bar and Lounge image
Take off Bar and Lounge
👍 Great place to chill while waiting for take off. Delicious meal they serve. Hygienic ambience. Well mannered staffs. Costly a little bit. Photogenic. Nice public convenience.
2.20 (89 reviews)
LE CLUB by LALE image
Night club
😠 Even this one star is at least 2 too many! I have never been treated in such a derogatory way. But it's not the only club in the area - we were even greeted in a friendly way at all the others - here you can apparently do without paying customers... under all sow! It's the first time I've given a...
$$ $$
2.20 (73 reviews)
VIP Pearl Lounge image
VIP Pearl Lounge
👍👍 Enjoy the best times in the VIP lounge at Sharm El-Sheikh International Airport.
2.30 (65 reviews)
Namah AC Waiting Lounge image
Namah AC Waiting Lounge
👍👍 It was my best ever waiting area experience at a railway station in Satna (MP), it was really Neat and clean looks like a hotel,very comfortable sitting area, the washroom and cafe for food and snacks. You can wait upto 4 hrs at a ₹10/hour per person charge Food and snacks quality is good with so ma...
2.30 (55 reviews)
Underground image
Night club
Happening club frequented by celebrities, offering DJs, dancing and late-night hours.
$$$ $
2.40 (447 reviews)
Pearl Lounge image
Pearl Lounge
Travel lounge
😠 Not worth to purchase access to this lounge you could rather spend the amount on Starbucks or other places in the airport. If you have priority pass or access through other lounge still not much offered just coffee and bottle of water. Interior decor was comparatively pleasant with various seating o...
2.40 (440 reviews)
Air France KLM lounge image
Air France KLM lounge
😠 Terrible customer service and overall experience at the lounge. The people working on the lounge charged our card 32 dollars (per person) without informing us that this would be charged. When asked about it they would just say this was not their fault and that were very dismissive. The food availabl...
2.40 (76 reviews)
Golden Gate Lounge image
Golden Gate Lounge
😠 To access this lounge, we had to leave G gates where our flight was leaving from, go through security at A gates, planning to use our dragon pass to relax in this lounge. We found this sign that contradicted the online information. Two impolite “customer service agents” refused to let us in 15 minut...
2.40 (66 reviews)
The Lounge image
The Lounge
😠 First time using this lounge and will never go back again. I doubt people who gave more than 3 stars to this lounge ever have a standard in their lives. 1. Depressing vibe. Quiet A.F. This is a lounge, where is the lounge music? 2. There are no napkins. The workers were spending their time to hand f...
2.50 (294 reviews)

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