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Vivienne Café Restaurant image
Vivienne Café Restaurant
😠 So they came out and grabbed us off the street. It looked ok. Nice balcony. Ordered a noodle dish for 100,000 (about $5 US) and then requested a wine list. The man responded “red or white”. We chose white. He brought the wine. Was very pushy. When we went to leave he says we owe 2,300,000 (roughly $...
1.50 (907 reviews)
Toledo Bar Restaurante image
Toledo Bar Restaurante
1.60 (73 reviews)
The Assheton Arms hotel image
The Assheton Arms hotel
Bed & breakfast
Simple rooms, some with shared bathrooms, in a down-to-earth budget hotel offering free Wi-Fi.
1.70 (304 reviews)
Tap & Pour image
Tap & Pour
😠 Seat yourself—you’ll wait a long time if you’re expecting to be seated. Scan your menu on the table. (Which, by the way, the table wasn’t very clean.). Place was pretty empty; there seemed to be one server and one at bar. If you sit at bar, you’ll get faster service. Food took a while but server was...
1.70 (108 reviews)
La Oja Blanca image
La Oja Blanca
👍👍 We had breakfast here and really enjoyed their grilled cheese sandwich and their serrano ham sandwich. Clean locale right on the Plaza Mayor next to the Opera House, this is a great bar with great service.
1.90 (297 reviews)
Kölsch & Co. Köln Air image
Kölsch & Co. Köln Air
😠 Do not eat here. We spent 10 euros on a frozen burger and a handful of nacho chips. I would have rather left the gone out of security, eaten McDonalds for half the price and spent the next 30 minutes going back through security. Just such a disappointment.
2.10 (70 reviews)
PA Pub Café & Spirits image
PA Pub Café & Spirits
👍👍 The perfect place to grab a drink and some food before a flight! They have a great draft beer list with some local choices. Pictured here is the Funk Citrus IPA. I got a bacon grilled cheese that was to die for. Fair prices and fast and friendly service.
2.10 (52 reviews)
Faluga Italia Food&Drink image
Faluga Italia Food&Drink
Dine-in · Takeaway
2.10 (52 reviews)
Seventy image
Tapas bar
Paellas, seafood plates & tapas paired with Spanish wines in a relaxed modern venue with a terrace.
$$ $$
2.20 (613 reviews)
SosyoPub Ataşehir image
SosyoPub Ataşehir
2.20 (83 reviews)
Mc Côté image
Mc Côté
Fast food restaurant
😠 This was terrible. For 11 euros, all I got was a few pieces of fish and also had to wait a very long time. Avoid!!!
2.20 (54 reviews)
Zebra Club image
Zebra Club
😠 Its a total disgrace , this place is so horrible The security guards are so impolite , they just want money to let you in even if you have a reservation. The waiters also are so horrible they have a lack of professionalism. Its my worst experience ever .
2.30 (238 reviews)
Zyrope Cafe Bar image
Zyrope Cafe Bar
😠 Me cobraron $35,000 pesos por huevos rancheros, un dedo de queso(sin queso) y un jugo de naranja... para nada extraordinario más bien sin sabor :/ y más caro que Crepes&Waffles en el segundo piso I was charged around 15CAD for scramble eggs, orange juice and bread. Which is ridiculous for a breakfa...
2.30 (214 reviews)
Ye Olde Vigour Inn image
Ye Olde Vigour Inn
😠 RUDE and UNHELPFUL LANDLADY We frequented here today for the first time in a long time. The last time i did the lady was rude. Today my daughter popped in for a drink with her grandfather. She then attempted to use the toilet and was she couldn’t. My 11year old proceeded to tell her she needed it an...
$ $$$
2.30 (75 reviews)
Brewmark Pub image
Brewmark Pub
👍👍 Young man with glasses behind counter was so incredibly kind and helpful, even in a pub packed with people. This is what makes the difference, simple acts of kindness. Respect! 💙
2.30 (61 reviews)
Brewmark image
2.30 (61 reviews)
Reilly's Irish Pub image
Reilly's Irish Pub
😠 Would give zero stars if I could. Menu said $16 for a Bloody Mary with Tito's vodka. I ordered one, bartender asked if I wanted a double. I asked how much more. He said $3. Last time I checked 16+3 is $19. Bill came as $20. I called out the bartender. He proceeded to argue a double was $4 more. Then...
2.40 (96 reviews)
Observatory Bar image
Observatory Bar
Night club
😠 I almost got rejected from entering obar at around 11:45 pm last night because the indian bouncer didn't accept my ID (drivers license). I am 20 years old, and my driver's licence and a credit card are all I carry with me on a night out. The bouncer was very rude, yet I stayed calm and collected as...
$ $$$
2.40 (87 reviews)
VayVen image
Night club
😠 Penoso Es increible, nunca he visto un sitio con tanto personal y un servicio tan lento. Llegué con mis amigos y nos atendieron a los 15 minutos o así, cosa que puedo comprender ya que los camareros estaban liados, lo que no entiendo es como NADIE nos trajo nada. A la media hora de haber pedido le...
2.40 (84 reviews)
Black Corner image
Black Corner
$$ $$
2.50 (1K reviews)
Salduba image
😠 They are theefs and since this season very unfriendly... Always check the machine when you pay by card! Our bill was 44 euro and they tried to charge us 50 euro... Good that we checked. Same happened with other people on the next table. We live here in the area and always brought our visitors here f...
2.50 (370 reviews)
The Carpenters Arms image
The Carpenters Arms
😠 Never seen such disgusting service before. Grumpy staff, raw burgers and unhygienic place. Please avoid if you can, not worth a single penny and wish we never went there. Avoid especially if you are not white british as you will get looked at like you are an alien and treat you like you are a crimin...
2.50 (74 reviews)
Le Pain Francais (Nordstan) image
Le Pain Francais (Nordstan)
👍👍 Häromdagen var jag här och åt med familjen. Och alla var jätte nöjda med maten och servicen. Vi åt och drack för ett väldigt rimligt pris.
$$ $$
2.50 (68 reviews)
Living Bar image
Living Bar
😠 A small club that doesn't know how to play, they play songs as if they were from Spotify. Jug alcohol. Bad acoustics and bad speakers. Offer that included a ticket from 3 o'clock to a nightclub but after following PR down the street they demanded we pay for the ticket again. A FRAUD. The worst to g...
2.50 (52 reviews)
Restaurant Zlatý Strom image
Restaurant Zlatý Strom
😠 This has been our worst experience so far in all the European cities we visited. The young waitress was incredibly rude. I kindly asked if somebody could clean the table as there were flies sticking to it and the feeling was gross. They didn’t even bring a service sheet and put the plates right on t...
$$ $$
2.60 (824 reviews)
Night club
😠 This establishment uses racial discrimination to determine who has the right to spend the evening at home. Yes, I say racial discrimination. It is unacceptable. Not to mention the fee for the toilets, only for girls, without even offering a cleaning service and maintenance of the premises. So we pa...
$$ $$
2.60 (822 reviews)
Umami Burger image
Umami Burger
Hamburger restaurant
Lively chain outpost serving elevated burgers & sides plus creative cocktails in a sleek space.
$$ $$
2.60 (740 reviews)
Yellow submarine image
Yellow submarine
👍👍 I se other reviews about “they see tourists and rip off” etc etc but I was here on a very busy day I had a Coffee, Chicken strips, Tortilla, A plate of Boquerones and 2 scoops of Ice Cream for a nice price of €18 which is great. The staff where super nice also. I can’t see how this bar/restaurant in...
2.60 (672 reviews)
Banana image
Disco club
😠 I was this past Saturday with a friend and after waiting in line, they tell us if we have bracelets, we say no and they tell us that we can't enter, that those who enter are their regular customers, in bad manners. My friend asks where she gets the bracelets and they tell us the name of another pla...
2.60 (569 reviews)
Friss Cafè image
Friss Cafè
🫤 This is a place well located, just in front of Sagrada Familia. Nowadays there is no tables to sit due to COVID but you can have take away. It’s not a coffee ☕️ store nor a restaurant 🥘 . It’s a mix. You’ll find a lot of things to eat but to be honest, very expensive and the quality is not that go...
2.60 (218 reviews)

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