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2k kebab ve kanat image
2k kebab ve kanat
Kebab shop
😠 We paid 120 Liras (20 EUR) for döner, döner plate and two drinks. They tricked us into taking 30 liras salad, charged 15 liras for bread and 15 more for ‘taxes’. Do not go there.
1.10 (109 reviews)
Sea World Fish Bar image
Sea World Fish Bar
Fish & chips restaurant
😠 This is genuinely how many chips they sent for a "large" chips!! £2.10 for these! Absolutely appalling! 2 large chips, 1 cod, 1 large battered sausage ordered. 2 tiny battered sausages with 1 large chips, 1 piece of cod and a handful of chips arrive! Called restaurant as seriously, I’d paid for la...
1.20 (73 reviews)
Truva cafe image
Truva cafe
😠 Tried Iskender Kebab. The taste was good but they overcharged. The prices on menu are not the same when they take the bill. They take extra money.
1.30 (58 reviews)
37 Baie Des Sables image
37 Baie Des Sables
Sandwich shop
1.50 (161 reviews)
World of Kebab B.V. image
World of Kebab B.V.
Kebab shop
😠 🤢🤮🤢🤮😵‍💫😵‍💫Not Good 👎👎
$ $$$
1.50 (114 reviews)
Ammaji & Tiamo image
Ammaji & Tiamo
Pizza restaurant
😠 An impudence! The food tastes like garbage, the food arrived terribly. The pizza was raw inside and not cut. If I get food poisoning you will hear from the lawyer! Make the shop to her nothing expert!
1.60 (290 reviews)
Konyalı Çeşme image
Konyalı Çeşme
Sfiha restaurant
😠 Konyalı is a place that finishes its name. They didn't even bring lemon with the meat loaf. This is a beyond awesome place. If you want to be disgraceful with your money, go. We were not given anything besides my meat loaf. He came 50 minutes later. I have attached a photo of the incoming service....
1.70 (355 reviews)
Ali Baba image
Ali Baba
Kebab shop
Kebabs made with carefully sourced meats, plus wraps & falafels, in a long-running chain.
$ $$$
1.70 (97 reviews)
Best Kebab image
Best Kebab
Kebab shop
😠 Worst kebab would be a more appropriate name, after ordering my chicken donner I looked at the price to find the smallest one well over priced, the kebab arrived and wasn't even half full! Wish I could say but the taste was amazing but sorry no chicken was so greasy and sauce disgusting think in hin...
1.70 (92 reviews)
Charcoal Grill image
Charcoal Grill
Kebab shop
😠 Horrible tasting food. Burgers came burnt, had no salad or sauce. Chips were extremely oily. On top of that, had to wait 1 hour and 15 minutes and they were dismissive on the phone. This place needs to be shut down.
1.80 (189 reviews)
Sevi Kebab image
Sevi Kebab
Kebab shop
😠 Zamówiłem Ekmek kebab, zapłaciłem 23 zł za jakąś paćke. Kebab był zimny, zwłaszcza mięso, sos zamówiłem mieszany, ale jak jadłem to ciężko stwierdzić jaki to był. Po zdjęciu folii, ukazał się kebab przypominający kibel PKP. Kebab się cały rozwalał. Zadziwia mnie, że wam nie wstyd, tak bardzo nie sza...
$$ $$
1.80 (140 reviews)
Ali Baba image
Ali Baba
Kebab shop
Kebabs made with carefully sourced meats, plus wraps & falafels, in a long-running chain.
$ $$$
1.90 (140 reviews)
Ali Baba image
Ali Baba
Kebab shop
Kebabs made with carefully sourced meats, plus wraps & falafels, in a long-running chain.
$ $$$
1.90 (136 reviews)
Pak Döner image
Pak Döner
Kebab shop
😠 If I could give 0 I would. Horrible service, never go here even if you are starving. She kept postponing my order, made me almost miss train, wouldn't cancel it so I payed, had to run, didn't get food or my money... Unexcusable
1.90 (81 reviews)
Kebab Snack Bar image
Kebab Snack Bar
Kebab shop
😠 Szkoda że nie przeczytałem najpierw opinii. Nic gorszego w życiu nie jadłem mięso okropne śmierdzące nie doprawione i 28zł na dodatek mięso wyjęte z jakiegoś pojemnika z szafki bo nic się nie kręciło
2.00 (141 reviews)
Origin Kebabs image
Origin Kebabs
Kebab shop
Modern counter-serve chain dispensing classic kebab wraps & burgers, plus falafel & veggie options.
2.00 (97 reviews)
Best Kebab image
Best Kebab
Kebab shop
👍👍 Passed this place earlier today while I was in Glasgow and recognised it from all the tiktoks, thought I'd pop in and give it a try, got a plain Donner kebab and in all honesty it was really good, the service was really good too, the server (the man in all the videos who keeps getting harassed) was...
2.10 (231 reviews)
Amazing image
Takeout restaurant
😠 Don't blindly order from this restaurant. It's one of the worst takeaways took 2 hours to arrive and the driver is always late and the owner makes unprofessional excuses that police has stopped the delivery driver. Like this place need to be shut down immediately, for good!
2.10 (75 reviews)
Bursa Kebap Evi image
Bursa Kebap Evi
Kebab shop
Dine-in · Takeaway · No-contact delivery
$$ $$
2.10 (69 reviews)
XL kebab image
XL kebab
Kebab shop
😠 Очень плохое качество. Лаваш бледный и мягкий. Вкуса мяса вообще нету. Соус почти вода белая без вкуса. Лично я сюда больше не приду.
2.10 (62 reviews)
Kebab El Turbo image
Kebab El Turbo
Kebab shop
😐 C'est une expérience moyenne mais pour manger rapidement et pas trop cher c'est pas mal !! J'ai pris une assiette de Kebab, la viande était un peu sèche mais dans l'ensemble ça allait. Point positif : service rapide 👍
2.10 (52 reviews)
Doce image
Kebab shop
😠 The worst place I have eaten in Turkey so far. The ambience is average with cramped tables and hardly any room. The food is average in taste. The staff is very very rude. The food is overpriced. We ordered a salad and mezze and the bill was over 20£. Avoid this place !
2.20 (403 reviews)
Türkmen Döner & Kebap image
Türkmen Döner & Kebap
Fast food restaurant
😠 CHEATERS. Avoid this place if you don’t want tricky numbers in your meal bill. They say “5 and 10 Tl. Kebabs” but when you go to pay for your kebab, they charge different prices and show you a menu which didn’t mention at the beginning.
2.20 (365 reviews)
Mustafa Kemal'in Yeri Çöp Sis image
Mustafa Kemal'in Yeri Çöp Sis
Kebab shop
😐 We stopped by on our way back from Bodrum. Service and taste were not regrettable. It's not a recommendation either. Lavash should be worked on. 12 pieces of skewers are 55₺, we found the price too high. I can tell you what to visit, what not to.
2.20 (328 reviews)
Food Express.Co image
Food Express.Co
Fast food restaurant
😠 Ordered takeaway at 3 am and originally said arrival between 4:20 and 4:40. I waited until 5 to call them and once they picked up the customer service was atrocious and extremely unprofessional and they didn't care what I had to say and told me my order will be there any minute. I couldn't get throu...
2.20 (210 reviews)
Kebab Grill Istanbul image
Kebab Grill Istanbul
Kebab shop
😠 Człowiek chce sie zachować jak człowiek i odwołać zamówienie przez długi (ok.2h) czas oczekiwania, a otrzymuje w odpowiedzi taką wiadomość. Oczywiście dzwoniłam na numer podany na stronie, ale nikt nie odbierał. Nie wiem czy jedzenie mają dobre, ale obsługa fatalna. Z tego też względu nie polecam.
2.20 (168 reviews)
Hanoi Cuisine Vietnamese Deli & Sushi - Pizza & Döner Kebab image
Hanoi Cuisine Vietnamese Deli & Sushi - Pizza & Döner Kebab
😠 Asiatisches Essen hier absolut widerlich, kaum genießbar. An der Theke wird man von der äußerst unfreundlichen Bedienung angebrüllt wenn man nicht schnell genug bestellt. Ich habe dummerweise nach extra Soße gefragt, da ist diese unmögliche Person auch noch ausfallend geworden (ein normales Nein hät...
2.20 (101 reviews)
Kebab Land image
Kebab Land
Kebab shop
🫤 Ordered Lamb Kebab. Only cabbage and carrot for vege and unpleasanted salty meat. Not even helpful staff.
2.20 (98 reviews)
Berlin Kebab Döner image
Berlin Kebab Döner
Kebab shop
😠 The worst thing I've ever eaten, there were 8 of us, everyone had enough after a few bites, dog meat covered with a liter of old mayonnaise-flavored sauce, old salad, everything went to the trash. Unfortunately paid in advance. People, avoid this place!
$ $$$
2.20 (89 reviews)
Pizza World image
Pizza World
Pizza restaurant
😠 Terrible food. Terrible attendance to the public. The food arrives cold, people are unsympathetic. I do not recommend! My order didn't arrive today. I complained to Just Ray directly and on the elt website They had placed how the order was delivered. My luck is that we have CCTV at home and I said I...
2.20 (71 reviews)

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