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Nuffield Health Ilford Fitness & Wellbeing Gym image
Nuffield Health Ilford Fitness & Wellbeing Gym
😠 DO NOT SIGN UP! They are charging £65+ for extremely outdated AND broken equipment (surely this is a health and safety hazard?!) plus they have recently CLOSED the jacuzzi for good. The gym floor is atrocious - there is wooden flooring, the gym mats are stuck to the floor with hazard tape and the we...
1.80 (176 reviews)
24 Hour Fitness image
24 Hour Fitness
😠 AVOID! Horrible gym with even worse customer service. Every machine is either broken or missing the pin to change the weights. I asked the front desk for assistance and they couldn’t even stand up to answer my question. With only hour slots this location is not worth your time. This place should be...
2.30 (298 reviews)
Nuffield Health Norbury Fitness & Wellbeing Gym image
Nuffield Health Norbury Fitness & Wellbeing Gym
😠 I have been a member of this gym for 17 years. This gym is going down hill FAST, Management need to get rid of Danielle the manager she is very rude and have no people skills. She needs to get a job in the market where she better skilled. Danielle is not suited to work for this establishment.
2.40 (127 reviews)
Nuffield Health Ealing Fitness & Wellbeing Gym image
Nuffield Health Ealing Fitness & Wellbeing Gym
😠 Management don’t care and staff seem to have a habit of stealing from members lockers and when brought to light with management such as Marc and jo nobody had made an effort to do anything ! As well as this they have zero customer service skills what do ever ! All you’ll get is the next manager rai...
2.50 (184 reviews)
SOLA SPA 歌舞伎町 新宿の湯 image
SOLA SPA 歌舞伎町 新宿の湯
😐 I was a regular customer of Korikori, so I'm glad that the sauna is back in operation. However, everyone's reviews were pretty good, so I read them beforehand and decided to go! The labyrinth-like structure inside the building is largely the same as the old one, but the bathhouse has been completel...
2.50 (150 reviews)
Golden Touch Spa image
Golden Touch Spa
Sports massage therapist
😠 May the peace, mercy, and blessings of God be upon you. My message to the owner of the place is that if you continue in the same situation, he will close down because the work is to earn money at the expense of quality, and I am an experience that will not be repeated the second time. Although I bro...
2.50 (80 reviews)
Polished hotel offering a lobby bar, a restaurant & a gym, plus a spa with an indoor pool & a sauna.
2.60 (432 reviews)
24 Hour Fitness image
24 Hour Fitness
😠 60% of the equipment is not functional. It has nicely printed label saying out of order. Front desk Staff never greets you when enter and when leaving the gym (only 24 hr gym I’ve been that they never greet you or talk to any guests - I’ve been in over 30 locations across multiple states). Weights a...
2.60 (305 reviews)
Nuffield Health Bishop's Stortford Fitness & Wellbeing Gym image
Nuffield Health Bishop's Stortford Fitness & Wellbeing Gym
🫤 I joined this gym in 2001 when it first opened before it was run by Nuffield. It has gotten progressively worse each year since then. Every repair is done cheaply and it shows. Equipment is old and some machines don't work well if at all.The Sauna/Steam room rarely work well either and again are tir...
2.60 (53 reviews)
24 Hour Fitness image
24 Hour Fitness
😠 Yesterday I tried to go into 24 Hours Fitness with my electric scooter, but they wouldn't let me in and asked me to tie my scooter up outside in the parking lot. When I came back from my workout, the scooter was stolen. This gym doesn't care about customer safety at all. They have no cameras or secu...
2.70 (331 reviews)
Star City image
Star City
Adult entertainment club
😠 An unpleasant place, and thief, it's been several days that I ask to recover my connected watch which is worth a certain price and someone on the phone sends me shit every time really not serious I do not recommend this personal establishment with the very lousy bar is very unpleasant. If we don't w...
2.70 (94 reviews)
Nuffield Health Cheam Fitness & Wellbeing Gym image
Nuffield Health Cheam Fitness & Wellbeing Gym
😠 I joined the club in November last year. So far the experience has been very disappointing. Here are a list of issues you may want to consider before joining this gym/club: - Lack of equipment (only one bench press bench and barbell in the whole gym). - Most of the cardiovascular equipment does no...
2.70 (76 reviews)
Sauny Inflacka image
Sauny Inflacka
😠 Dirty, dirty floors, be sure to wear flip-flops! Bacterial infection of the intimate area diagnosed by a doctor. The doctor immediately asked if you had visited the sauna in recent days. Let me tell you right away that we had 2 towels and flip-flops. People visiting do not follow the rules of the fa...
2.70 (68 reviews)
Sauna Piscina Perla Azul image
Sauna Piscina Perla Azul
👍👍 Las personas son muy amables tienen todas las protecciones de bioseguridad sobre el covid-19 y el sauna es muy agradable la piscina también pero alguno tiene sus beneficios tiene sus beneficios como la piscina también es un lugar parte frío Porque algunos no hacen el calentamiento Pero él me decisio...
2.70 (51 reviews)
Kalender Plaza Yüzme Havuzu image
Kalender Plaza Yüzme Havuzu
😠 50 TL değil para verme deseler adım dahi atmam hamam desen kapalı diğer odalar kapalı havuz desen buz gibi yaz ayında hipotermi olacaktık hizmet zaten 0 hizmeti geçtim dökülüyor gidip pişman olmayın derim
2.70 (51 reviews)
24 Hour Fitness image
24 Hour Fitness
👍👍 I was so glad that 24 Hour Fitness Hollywood had reopened 04/30/22 and I was there 05/02. The location was convenient for me. Essentially the layout had not changed much. I did notice the machines and treadmills were all new but had not checked out much of anything else. I was told that the swi...
2.80 (428 reviews)
Massage Moroccan Bath image
Massage Moroccan Bath
👍👍 كنت متخوف من خلال هذه التعليقات السلبية وقررت اعمل حمام مغربي للامانة عامل الحمام المغربي شغله ممتاز وعامل المساج رائع واسعارهم منخفضة بلنسبة للمراكز الاخرى الله يعطيهم الصحة والعافية ويستاهلون مائة نجمة
2.80 (359 reviews)
24 Hour Fitness image
24 Hour Fitness
😠 The staff are polite and friendly, but that’s the only positive thing I can say about this gym. This place is a filthy dump. The ventilation is awful, so forget about working out there on hot days. Avoid the locker rooms and bathrooms. They’re vile. Broken equipment takes forever to get fixed, peak...
2.80 (226 reviews)
Nuffield Health Stockley Park Fitness & Wellbeing Gym image
Nuffield Health Stockley Park Fitness & Wellbeing Gym
😠 Cons - Free weights and hammer strength section poorly maintained, never cleaned. -Horrendous Technogym dumbbells are falling apart. -Overall, equipment not maintained at all. One smith machine hasn't been repaired in over 3 months! -Members abusing equipment standing on seated machines, leaving wei...
2.80 (194 reviews)
Hotel Berliner Bär image
Hotel Berliner Bär
Unfussy hotel offering casual rooms, plus dining & an indoor pool, as well as a gym & a sauna.
2.80 (177 reviews)
24 Hour Fitness image
24 Hour Fitness
😠 It's very upsetting to hear from other gym members that an email was sent pertaining to the new hours. I did not receive an email. Unfortunately the new hours does NOT accomodate my fitness routine. Now having to deal with a larger crowd of people during the morning rush hours is insane. You guys...
2.80 (163 reviews)
Nuffield Health Stoke Poges Fitness & Wellbeing Gym image
Nuffield Health Stoke Poges Fitness & Wellbeing Gym
😠 One star is still too much! The gym is unhygienic, broken equipment, blocked showers and toilets, dirty pool and sauna area. Managers are unqualified former PTs that have just been given the job role because they are all friends, not because they are skilled. Nil understanding of customer service a...
2.80 (77 reviews)
Nuffield Health Shipley Fitness & Wellbeing Gym image
Nuffield Health Shipley Fitness & Wellbeing Gym
😠 My husband and I have given our membership up the main issues were the cleanliness of the place. Changing rooms not clean and rather tatty clients can walk in to the changing rooms in their outdoor shoes spreading germs who knows where people have walked before coming into the changing rooms swimmer...
2.80 (71 reviews)
Les Terres Blanches image
Les Terres Blanches
Amusement center
😠 Le lieu a bien changé. C'est devenu bourge. On se croirait a nice.. ils ont peté un plomb. Maintenant nous ne pouvons plus venir Avec la glaciere ni a boire ni a manger. Le devant de la plage est reservé pour ceux qui ont pris des transats 20 euros la location 😵‍💫😵. Il faut payer en plus 😱😡😤.....
2.90 (468 reviews)
Pleasuredrome image
Gay sauna
🫤 so, I read mixed reviews, and i was there some years ago , and figured I'd go again. could read in recent reviews that they now want £20 plus £3 (newish extra charge of u want an hour of privacy) ,, I show up and it's £23 plus £5 (they don't tell u about the 5 unless you ask). I think it was the lac...
2.90 (379 reviews)
24 Hour Fitness image
24 Hour Fitness
😠 It's no real fault of the staff there who are very friendly, but it is clear that management at this location is either nonexistent or just doesn't care at all about upkeep of any of the equipment or facilities. Sauna/Steam Room/Hot Tub are out of order frequently for weeks at a time. There are also...
2.90 (326 reviews)
Готельно-ресторанний комплекс "Водопад" image
Готельно-ресторанний комплекс "Водопад"
😠 Відпочивали з компанією і залишились розчаровані. Сервіс на нулі. Машина мала забрати о 23:30, в зв'язку з тим, що сіла батарейка електрокара, то забрали о 00:00. Цю ситуацію зрозуміли. Змирились з тим, що 5 чоловік забрали легковою машиною. Але з брудом в самій сауні змиритись не можливо. Брудний б...
2.90 (219 reviews)
24 Hour Fitness image
24 Hour Fitness
😠 WARNING: if you give this place a bad review, expect the manager to HARASS you by finding the company you work at and leaving a bad review about YOU. On top of the gym not being cleaned regularly, the bathroom being full of mold, the hot tub always being broken, the management is awful. 24 hour fit...
2.90 (219 reviews)
24 Hour Fitness image
24 Hour Fitness
😠 I use to be an employee at this location and I can honestly say that Management needs to be changed. To the degree that this club is not taken seriously was the reason I and many others quit within a couple months. This location has had roughly a dozen employees quit on the spot due to Michaels inab...
2.90 (219 reviews)
24 Hour Fitness image
24 Hour Fitness
😠 They just reduced their weight selection and made one of the major workout spaces where you could do free weight and body weight workouts into a personal training room that they keep locked and also where they have locked up all the lower weights and kettlebells as well as vital workout equipment t...
2.90 (187 reviews)

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