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OCZARJK S.C. Jolanta i Krzysztof Janczewscy image
Garden center
😠 Je viens de passer une commande (au nom de Lascory) et j'avais pas lu les avis.... maintenant j'ai un peu peur... aller j'y crois ! ma commande va bien se passer et vous allez m'envoyer un arbre à papier de riz en bonne santé :) et je laisserai mes 5 étoiles ;) 28/05 j'ai bien reçu ma commande. Com...
2.40 (149 reviews)
Intergard Garden image
Intergard Garden
Garden center
In-store shopping · In-store pick-up · Delivery
2.40 (63 reviews)
Home Hardware & Garden image
Home Hardware & Garden
Hardware store
😠 Arrived at 7 (the opening time as the website advertised) and it didn't open until 9. Many others arrived between 7 and 9 only to leave in frustration as the later opening hour had clearly not been advertised. Funny layout and prices seem more expensive than what they should be. I would suggest that...
2.70 (52 reviews)
Vivai Carone image
Vivai Carone
Garden center
😠 They don't even deserve a star !!! Stay away from this nursery. We went to have the entire garden designed and left before we could tell the owner what we needed ... he greeted us badly, begging us to get out of the way. Such a trader is embarrassing !!!
2.80 (64 reviews)
Jardi - E.Leclerc image
Jardi - E.Leclerc
Garden center
2.90 (215 reviews)
The Warehouse Ormiston image
The Warehouse Ormiston
Department store
😠 NEVER AGAIN!!!! My experience in Ormiston warehouse was terrible, I felt threaten and unwelcomed. An employee (whose name goes along the lines of launa) was making US do HER job. The first instance was when I asked her a simple question to which she answered with a one word curt answer and walked o...
2.90 (50 reviews)

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