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P&O Apartments image
P&O Apartments
Real estate rental agency
😠 Very bad experience with them. I reserved apartments via Booking about month earlier. In the reservation I chose to pay during check-in. One day before the check-in they told me to pay via some other link (not Booking) or they will not give me keys and I will need to go to their office. Office works...
1.60 (99 reviews)
Dream Apartments Manchester image
Dream Apartments Manchester
Serviced accommodation
😠 Absolute shambles of a hotel!! We got given 4 different rooms and each one was a nightmare!! 1st room the flush to the toilet had been completely removed from the wall! 2nd room someone was in it!! So that was extremely embarrassing! 3rd room had litter everywhere and the beds had been slept in so i...
1.70 (185 reviews)
isas-aparthostel image
😠 Das Hostel war ziemlich dreckig. Die Duschen sind der absolute Albtraum. Kaputt und dreckig. Wenn man auf die Toilette geht, steht man im Urin der anderen. Die Küche stinkt und der gesamte Eindruck war absolut Menschenunwürdig. Dafür sollte man kein Geld verlangen. Sogar Berliner Obdachlosenunterkün...
1.90 (51 reviews)
Residence Nettuno image
Residence Nettuno
Indoor lodging
Simple rooms in an unassuming hotel offering a private beach, a beach bar & a terrace.
2.10 (238 reviews)
Kilmair Properties Apartments image
Kilmair Properties Apartments
Holiday apartment
😠 I simply made a call to inquire about a property this morning and I was made to feel as if I was an inconvenience to this woman for simply doing her job. The woman on the phone thought she had placed me on hold. Not only did she hang up on me, but she also made fun of me while is was "on hold". Du...
2.10 (58 reviews)
Hotel Central Buenos Aires image
Hotel Central Buenos Aires
Understated rooms with minibars in a low-key hotel offering a fitness center & a hot tub.
2.20 (719 reviews)
Appart'City Classic Antibes - Appart Hôtel image
Appart'City Classic Antibes - Appart Hôtel
Extended stay hotel
Low-key studios & apartments, some with balconies, in a relaxed hotel featuring an outdoor pool.
2.20 (466 reviews)
Résidence Mer Et Golf image
Résidence Mer Et Golf
Furnished apartment building
Laid-back apartment hotel offering low-key units with balconies, plus an outdoor pool & a spa.
2.30 (704 reviews)
Liechtenstein Apartments image
Liechtenstein Apartments
Holiday apartment
😠 SCAM/ FRAUD /THEY STEAL Even one star is too much! I traveled a lot and booked cheaper hostels that were way better. This was my worst experience ever! 1. The address is different from the one in the website. Things started being suspicious. 2. When we called to get the right address, they refu...
2.30 (63 reviews)
RS Apartments am Kurfürstendamm image
RS Apartments am Kurfürstendamm
Holiday apartment
😠 BE AWARE! These appartments are a fraud! The owner will disappear as fast as you have paid and you will find probably what you booked has nothing to do with the appartment. I booked for two nights and had to leave a day early because it was no possible to have a shower, broken shower. Owner never an...
2.30 (54 reviews)
Apartments WS - Champs Elysées Ponthieu image
Apartments WS - Champs Elysées Ponthieu
Holiday apartment
😠 DO NOT STAY IN ANY APARTMENT OF WS TEAM !!! We have been ROBBED on the apartment. The owner never gave us an answer and neither response us. His employees the only thing they said was they could not call the manager. It is no a safe apartment!!!! Anyone who knew the code can enter ! Do not stay plea...
2.30 (50 reviews)
Hotel Albor image
Hotel Albor
Modern rooms in an understated hotel offering a classic bar, a terrace & free Wi-Fi.
2.40 (631 reviews)
Hostal Plaza Chiloe image
Hostal Plaza Chiloe
😠 Do not go to this hostel, it's not safe. Here they steal from the rooms and even though there are security cameras with evidence, the hostel is not responsible for the losses or anything, they leave you adrift.
2.40 (604 reviews)
85品雲主題套房 image
Holiday apartment
👍 先幫評價平反一下, 當初訂房後看到評價確實是有嚇到, 但住房之後感覺還好,沒有想像中恐怖。 1.日租套房形式,入住只有電話操作你,沒有人會接待。 2.房間異味稍微有一點,但沒有讓我鼻子過敏發作我就覺得ok。 3.浴室整潔度尚可,我比較不喜歡的是蓄能熱水器,洗澡要趕時間,不然會洗到一半沒熱水,兩個人洗澡時間必須錯...
2.40 (204 reviews)
Dom Carlos Residencial image
Dom Carlos Residencial
Modest rooms & low-key apartments in an informal hotel with a bar & a garden, plus breakfast.
2.40 (54 reviews)
Dream Apartments Belfast image
Dream Apartments Belfast
Serviced accommodation
Riverfront collection of informal apartments featuring kitchenettes & Wi-Fi, plus parking.
2.50 (251 reviews)
TRUST Hotel & Appartments image
TRUST Hotel & Appartments
😠 I am a Bosch employee and my stay in this hotel was very very bad. Very bad hotel. Only one or two person can go in the elevator. No elevator facility to 4th floor. They charge 10 euro for breakfast and they serve very minimal items. They collected all the money on day 1 of my arrival (including bre...
2.50 (164 reviews)
Apartamentos Sunway San Jorge image
Apartamentos Sunway San Jorge
Holiday apartment
Relaxed apartments, some with fireplaces in a casual hotel offering an outdoor pool & loaner bikes.
2.50 (80 reviews)
Ok The Way Coruna Historic center image
Ok The Way Coruna Historic center
Holiday apartment
😠 The cleanliness of the room is unfortunate, everything is filthy: sticky floor, kitchen full of grease, extremely dirty bathroom ... something unacceptable at the time we are in. Services that were advertised as available were missing. I asked for a room with a large bed and they gave me one with t...
2.50 (50 reviews)
Appart'City Classic Lyon Part-Dieu - Appart Hôtel image
Appart'City Classic Lyon Part-Dieu - Appart Hôtel
Casual units in an informal apartment hotel offering a spa, a restaurant & a cocktail bar.
2.60 (724 reviews)
Penzión Biela labuť image
Penzión Biela labuť
Guest house
Straightforward rooms in a modest inn featuring a laid-back restaurant with a seasonal terrace.
2.60 (131 reviews)
Apartamentos H3 Belman Playa image
Apartamentos H3 Belman Playa
Apartment building
😠 This is a fraud. We have paid 1400 euros for a week believing that it was going to be something else because of the photos that appear. What a tease! The photos must be from when it was inaugurated and nothing could be further from the truth...the broken and uncomfortable sofa bed (the irons stick i...
2.60 (85 reviews)
Shepherds Bush Holiday Flat - St Elmo Road image
Shepherds Bush Holiday Flat - St Elmo Road
Holiday apartment
😠 If your looking for a flat in London around Shepard's Bush if I can offer one piece of advice, Simply avoid this place, I stayed here on Monday the 21st May 2018. I booked for a week but left on Wednesday morning. There were multiple reasons I left half way into my stay here, the first being that it...
2.60 (71 reviews)
Le Terral - Vacancéole image
Le Terral - Vacancéole
Extended stay hotel
Informal apartment hotel featuring a gym, a sauna & a seasonal outdoor pool, plus breakfast.
2.70 (423 reviews)
Appart'City Classic Marseille Aéroport Vitrolles - Appart Hôtel image
Appart'City Classic Marseille Aéroport Vitrolles - Appart Hôtel
Extended stay hotel
Simple apartments in an unassuming hotel offering free Wi-Fi & parking, plus a fitness center.
2.70 (301 reviews)
Alhawra Pearl image
Alhawra Pearl
Holiday apartment
😠 This was really bad. We stayed only for one night in the 2 bedroom apartment but there was no AC in the living room space, AC in the rooms were very noisy, kitchen with broken dirty appliances and beds which had so hard mattresses that didn’t let you sleep in one position for too long. The only posi...
2.70 (228 reviews)
Apartaments La Solana image
Apartaments La Solana
Apartment building
👍👍 in my opinion is good, we take a room for 5 and the conditions are so good. The views are amazing, TV work very good, a lot of things are so close, like restaurants, swimming pool....
2.70 (160 reviews)
501 Towns Apartments image
501 Towns Apartments
Apartment rental agency
😠 Do not move here unless u want issues. Got one month left thank god this place is a nightmare! I been here for a year my ac has broken 3 times my water heater pipe busted twice water everywhere, cannot have a grill outside anymore, and can only have 2 cars per lease even if there is 3 lease holders...
2.70 (121 reviews)
Résidence Le Trianon image
Résidence Le Trianon
Extended stay hotel
Casual beachfront units with kitchenettes, balconies & free Wi-Fi, plus optional breakfast.
2.80 (756 reviews)
Jesmond Executive Villas image
Jesmond Executive Villas
Serviced accommodation
Low-key apartments with kitchens in a complex offering a pool with waterfalls and a hot tub.
2.80 (569 reviews)

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