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Chatime Bubble Tea Val d’Europe image
Chatime Bubble Tea Val d’Europe
Bubble tea store
😠 Working at another Chatime I ordered my favorite and usual drink, it was water with hard tapiocas and not good at all. I come to ask for a refund, they don't even look at me and they don't speak French in front of me, in short apparently it's my fault if the tapiocas are not good. Reimbursement imp...
2.50 (161 reviews)
Tealive The Mines, Seri Kembangan image
Tealive The Mines, Seri Kembangan
😠 To whom it may concern, Today, around 3.30pm, my friends and I were queuing up for tealive. At 3.40pm, is our turn to order but the cashier told us to hold on because she had a order from Grab and we totally understand and wait till her finished to key in the orders from Grab and is my turn to be s...
$$ $$
2.50 (52 reviews)
Chatime Châtelet Forum Les Halles image
Chatime Châtelet Forum Les Halles
Bubble tea store
😠 I went to this store today and I had the worst experience of my life. On google map, they told customers it was closed at 20:30 but when I got there at 20:05 they said closed. I asked them to take my order because I was not wrong to arrive at 20:05 because they said close at 20:30 on google map. The...
2.60 (167 reviews)
Boba Spot image
Boba Spot
Bubble tea store
👍 A nice place to hang out, staff wasn’t amazing, slow and minimal communication but overall a great place, delicious drinks (I’d say a little overpriced 3-4€ for a medium) a cute place to sit.
2.60 (63 reviews)
Nam Hoa Asia Imbiss & Bubble Tea image
Nam Hoa Asia Imbiss & Bubble Tea
Asian restaurant
😠 1. You cannot pay by card at all. Even from 10€. You have many customers during the day. Does this have anything to do with taxes? 2. The saleswoman takes the money and then immediately cuts the meat without gloves or anything. I can't imagine anything like that at all. Did the employees not receive...
2.60 (58 reviews)
UniUni Tea image
UniUni Tea
Bubble tea store
😠 The "line attendant" spent more time flirting with the female worker behind the Uni Uni counter, cracking jokes with only White female customers, and getting a power trip by policing the half wall/partition than actually working. Got berated by him for standing at the partition to pick up our food a...
$ $$$
2.60 (51 reviews)
Machi Machi Adelaide image
Machi Machi Adelaide
Bubble tea store
🫤 The drink was tiny for the price of $7 and doesn’t look anything like the picture. There was way too much ice and little pearls. The place is aesthetically pleasing but it didn’t match the quality of the drink.
$$ $$
2.70 (215 reviews)
Bubblicious Bubble Tea image
Bubblicious Bubble Tea
Bubble tea store
😠 The service is terrible. We were “standing in line” behind a couple taking their order for over 10 mins. When we got to the front, the server went to the back and never come back to take our order. Also, behind the counter you can see that all of their cups are all over the place, materials are diso...
2.70 (133 reviews)
茶老大連鎖茶飲 image
Bubble tea store
😠 I'm not an Aoke, and this is my first time to comment on something, but the service attitude is really 0. 2023/08/27 I went to buy peanut paste and tofu curd at 11:50 in the morning. The attitude of the lady at the counter was really frivolous and disdainful. If you If you are so world-weary, don’t...
2.70 (131 reviews)
Totally tea image
Totally tea
Bubble tea store
😠 Didn't get any boba in my drink and did not see until we drove away, total garbage. In the picture you can tell between our two drinks that they just didnt add boba to my drink on the left
2.70 (56 reviews)
「十二韻彰化伸港店 image
Bubble tea store
😠 原本很喜歡喝你們家的飲料,後來請了那幾個騎JET的小屁孩以後真的不行,最後一次去買的時候,我前面沒有客人我只有點一杯而已,等了快10分鐘,一個新來的弟弟在裡面手忙腳亂,會做的在路邊跟車友聊天打屁,現在想喝飲料只要看到那幾個小屁孩就直接換別家買了 剛剛回來想說很久沒買了,想買一下,看到外面一大群小屁孩在抽煙...
2.70 (51 reviews)
Miss Cookies Coffee Caen image
Miss Cookies Coffee Caen
Fast food restaurant
😠 Vendeuse audieuse et irrespectueuse !!! Ça bien failli finir mal ! Je déconseille vivement et si j'étais le patron je raviserai mon embauche !!! Je ne vais pas en rester là.
$$ $$
2.80 (139 reviews)
Chatime image
Bubble tea store
👍👍 The tea I had was very tasty. Could tell they added cream, lots of it, was generous about the toppings and the large size was only 50c more. The service was good and the large size was actually larger. The only problem I had was that service was a bit on the long side. However, there was a lot of pe...
$ $$$
2.80 (119 reviews)
Chatime image
Bubble tea store
😠 One by the Woolworths and bakery absoulty rude Asian guy looks Korean or Japanese not sure, cannot do the order properly, did not explain all the selections no recommendations, did not ask sugar level, and kept leaving a children's drink out on the customer service bench, asked them to TRASH THERE...
$ $$$
2.80 (110 reviews)
Tea Heart image
Tea Heart
Bubble tea store
👍 We stopped by at this to grab a quick boba and snack. Best thing is it was open after almost everything in the outlets was closed. May be for some more time even if the timings on google are until 7pm. We ordered taro milk tea with peach popping boba. It was good but felt diluted for a $7+. Finished...
$ $$$
2.80 (103 reviews)
台茶1号-Teafect.1清境漫步店 image
Bubble tea store
$ $$$
2.80 (86 reviews)
Chatime KL Sentral image
Chatime KL Sentral
Bubble tea store
😠 I ordered drink from this outlet, this guy named Khaing Min wearing black was so rude, not just me but everyone before me. I asked for a promo drink that was on the screen and he barked that it’s “not available” and when I immediately told what I usually get, and the TnG app took less than a minute...
$$ $$
2.80 (50 reviews)
50 Lan Hukou Zhongzheng image
50 Lan Hukou Zhongzheng
Bubble tea store
😠 1/31 I ordered 13 drinks to be delivered at 1:00, but they were not delivered until 2:00! This is a pre-order from 2 days ago! I started calling at 1:00 to ask what time it was and kept telling me that I was on the way. It didn’t arrive until 2 o’clock! ! ! If you can't deliver on time, just tell us...
$ $$$
2.90 (292 reviews)
L&L Hawaiian Barbecue image
L&L Hawaiian Barbecue
Hawaiian restaurant
Island-themed fast-food chain whose menu features traditional Hawaiian plate lunches.
$ $$$
2.90 (258 reviews)
Gong Cha Chadstone Food Court image
Gong Cha Chadstone Food Court
Bubble tea store
😠 Look how much of this I drank before I realised :( definitely not buying from here again. Edit: in case the photos don't come through it was a large grapefruit green tea with a dead fly in it. Drank 3/4 before I realised. I'm OK with gong cha being a very basic tea place with no fresh fruit or fres...
$ $$$
2.90 (191 reviews)
Gong Cha | Inala image
Gong Cha | Inala
Bubble tea store
😠 Absolutely disgusting behaviour from one of the girls. Claimed she asked us if we wanted sugar in our drinks when she didn’t ask at all. We went back to ask if they can remake it as we are diabetic and can’t have sugar. she got angry at us saying she did ask us and that we should’ve told her when it...
$ $$$
2.90 (101 reviews)
Boba Tea Company image
Boba Tea Company
Bubble tea store
😠 Its 4:40 pm, they are supposed to be open. No one is there, all the food containers are left open to contamination and it smells rancid. This seriously makes me question going to any Boba tea co. Ever again. Gross.
2.90 (82 reviews)
Boba Tea Company image
Boba Tea Company
Bubble tea store
😠 Who would ever go here twice? The staff hides behind a wall, you cant tell if they are open. Then you make eye contact with staff and they ignore you. Then they get behind the register and mean mug you until you start talking. Then they sell you a $7 plain coffee that tasted like some over sweetened...
2.90 (70 reviews)
吳家紅茶冰-台東大同店 image
Ice cream and drink shop
😠 7/3 13:34 The female clerk's attitude was too bad. She dropped the cup and kept asking repeatedly if she didn't remember it.
2.90 (67 reviews)
Chatime image
Bubble tea store
👍👍 Came here to give them 5 stars & saw all the negetive reviews regarding their service. I've came here 3 times so far and everything has been great. We usually take a long time to decide & order and every time they have been more than friendly and patient with us. Love their brown sugar milk tea, I h...
$ $$$
2.90 (63 reviews)
BoBoQ image
Bubble tea store
2.90 (60 reviews)
Chatime image
Bubble tea store
😠 Never was there a store with slower service to take your order or longer wait times. Ridic.
$ $$$
2.90 (55 reviews)
Sharetea Monash University image
Sharetea Monash University
Bubble tea store
😠 So, I emailed Sharetea customer care to put in my complaint after seeing it mentioned in the reviews here but it's been a week and no one's responded. So I guess, I have to put it on Google to get some acknowledgement! I usually buy bubble tea from their establishment in the CBD or at Carnegie where...
2.90 (53 reviews)

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