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Planet Fitness Corporate Office image
Planet Fitness Corporate Office
😠 Signup took 5 minutes and was very easy. However, they make cancellation extremely difficult on purpose so you'll just give up and pay them forever. I reached out two months ago to cancel my membership and never got a response, but they kept charging me. When I looked in the app it said (and still...
1.30 (1.4K reviews)
Elite Day Spa image
Elite Day Spa
😠 Had two nails completely fall off 3 days after getting them done as well as many coming loose. Took as little time to do them as they possibly could as all they just wanted to get as many customer done. Didn’t worry about the nail job they were giving each customer. Went back in to ask if they could...
1.30 (56 reviews)
GoldeNails & Spa image
GoldeNails & Spa
😠 Super bad service. I got a pedicure with shellac on my toes. When I got home part of the paint was gone because they did not dry it properly. I came back today and they refunded me 15AUSD (when I paid 65AUD). I had to leave work, come back to this shop (not close to my place) and waste all this ti...
1.70 (113 reviews)
Zema Beauty & More - Đặng Văn Bi, Thủ Đức, TPHCM image
Zema Beauty & More - Đặng Văn Bi, Thủ Đức, TPHCM
😠 Doanh nghiệp cần thay đổi tư duy, kiểu kinh doanh mà nhân viên chèo kéo, dụ khách làm này làm kia đông như quân nguyên. Giá mắc rẻ chưa bàn tới, nhưng nếu chỉ muốn cung cấp dịch vụ cho khách hàng 1 lần rồi thôi thì cứ tiếp tục kiểu thái độ nhân viên lồi lõm như thế. Marketing quảng cáo gánh còng lưn...
1.70 (63 reviews)
Acqua Center 2A image
Acqua Center 2A
😠 Bonjour, un accueil des plus chaleureux laissant présager d'un moment de détente mais qd on arrive au sous sol, on découvre un spa vieillissant, bruyant, pas d'aération eau pas très chaude, voir trouble, niveau hygiène c'est douteux. Bien dommage car il y a du potentiel mais on sent bien que le spa...
2.00 (73 reviews)
Medi Clinic image
Medi Clinic
Medical clinic
👍👍 Look, foremost you have a lot of people on here with great expectations of a threadbare system, wanting their hands held through every process they don't understand. This clinic reliably gets me in for what I need every time my family Dr cannot. Which is most of the time. Most of the complaints on h...
2.10 (119 reviews)
Wellness Giftcard image
Wellness Giftcard
Corporate office
😠 Slechtste klantenservice die ik ooit heb meegemaakt. Mijn cadeaukaart is 2 jaar geldig en toch krijg ik online de melding dat het is verlopen. Ik heb zelfs nog een brief waarin dit wordt bevestigd. Stelletje oplichters.
2.20 (82 reviews)
Regal Nails, Salon & Spa image
Regal Nails, Salon & Spa
Nail salon
😠 Nothing, I Called and asked how much a refill was and was told it was 14.00 i get there and after she finished my nails was told 15.00. I did not get my nails cut down because i did it myself before i went. Also i didn’t notice till i got in the car, she didn’t even polish my nails all the way to th...
2.20 (51 reviews)
Résidence Mer Et Golf image
Résidence Mer Et Golf
Furnished apartment building
Laid-back apartment hotel offering low-key units with balconies, plus an outdoor pool & a spa.
2.30 (704 reviews)
Luxe Nail & Spa Boutique image
Luxe Nail & Spa Boutique
😠 Came in to get a pedicure. Completely unprofessional, no one was able to speak English. The woman kept continuing to cut my toenails with the cuticle cutter and I kept telling her to stop, then she decided to spray some antiseptic spray on them which burnt my skin due to the many cuts she caused. Th...
2.30 (160 reviews)
ספאזיו ספא image
ספאזיו ספא
😠 Not coming back nor i'll recommend it, infact i'll warn not to go there. Not clean, neglected, not professionals, not estetic.
2.30 (159 reviews)
ملتقى الاسترخاء الرياضي image
ملتقى الاسترخاء الرياضي
😠 اللي يبي مساج صح مو خرابيط ناس تدور الجنس فيه محل مساج عند ممشى الفريان اللي بالسويدي قبل محطة الامواج عالطول فيه فلبيني ماشاء الله شغله نظيف اسمه ( جي ار ) يشتغل بذمه بس علمه من ايش تشتكي .. والناس اللي تجيه تدور خرابيط يسوي له مساج سريع ويطلع .. وبالتوفيق .
2.30 (108 reviews)
K.BEAUTY image
Beauty salon
😠 don't get taken away by beautiful photos they upload. The worst experience ever! A real nightmare for my hair! damaged and ruined !so so much regret going there. The personnel if something goes wrong are real witches! I was really unhappy about my hair and when we complained it became so bad that...
2.30 (98 reviews)
Regal Nails, Salon & Spa image
Regal Nails, Salon & Spa
Nail salon
😠 horrible job done. i went with my boyfriend who now has three ingrown toe nails. His nails are now all messed up and he is in a lot of pain. Do not recommend going here.
2.30 (53 reviews)
Yoga Spa image
Yoga Spa
Massage spa
😠 Dommage que je ne puisse pas mettre une note négatif! Personnel impoli de mauvaise foi, l'esthéticienne a raté mon sourcil et a nier avoir enlever trop de poil alors que j'avais bien demandé a nettoyer et ne toucher uniquement les repousses. Elle a appeler la sécurité dans mon dos car je refusai de...
2.40 (438 reviews)
Beauty On Earth image
Beauty On Earth
Beauty salon
😠 Came in today, nails aren’t all the same length asked for coffin length and she did some other strange shape that isn’t coffin and didn’t even file my nails once to get the desired coffin shape as all nail artists do, I’m under the impression the lady was in the process of getting trained how to do...
2.40 (75 reviews)
Sultans Spa Wellness image
Sultans Spa Wellness
😠 If I have gone through the guests reviews Sultan Spa Wellness in Alanya, I've never walk in it! I went there without checking, without the tourist guide, I just went to relax. Cheap tickets to enter with horrifically expensive exit from Sultan Spa Wellness hamam. For the staff who do their job prof...
2.40 (53 reviews)
Trendy Nails & Spa image
Trendy Nails & Spa
Nail salon
😠 I will not be returning. I got a gel pedicure for $50 and while the shape and polish took pretty good, it left much to he desired. Also. I'm pretty sure I have a slight toe infection from digging too deep in my cuticle. My dipped manicure doesn't look the greatest. This was my first time trying it a...
2.50 (349 reviews)
Royal Spa image
Royal Spa
😠 First of all, the staff is so unwelcoming and rude! Secondly, this god awful powder color that I Express that I did not like. I literally had to show the nail tech how to draw on my white tip, she had no idea! Before I even got seated I showed her my desired design, she assured me that she could do...
2.50 (219 reviews)
Regal Nails, Salon & Spa image
Regal Nails, Salon & Spa
Nail salon
😠 This place is terrible!! They blame the customer for their mistakes and they do bad work!!! I even reported them to the corporate in baton rouge Louisiana and they just refuse to fix their problems! I've also noticed I am not the only one that they have chased off or stop the Nail Tech from fixing...
2.50 (113 reviews)
Luxury Salon & Spa image
Luxury Salon & Spa
Day spa
😠 HORRIBLE EMPLOYEES I LEFT WITH ATROCIOUS NAILS THAT LOOKED LIKE TIC TACS I wanted milky white almond nails and came out with something the exact opposite of what I wanted. The man was watching Netflix and talking on the phone. He wasn’t paying attention and was buffing my real life skin, you heard...
2.50 (63 reviews)
Cal Spas image
Cal Spas
😠 Purcased BBQ Island and grill through Wayfair April 2022. Not even a year old and a piece of tile fell off the trim. Contacted Wayfair and they of course directed me over to CalSpas. After a few communications with them and sending pertinent information i was informed that they only have a 90 day "c...
2.50 (51 reviews)
Polished hotel offering a lobby bar, a restaurant & a gym, plus a spa with an indoor pool & a sauna.
2.60 (432 reviews)
Hotel Parcoverde Terme image
Hotel Parcoverde Terme
Bright rooms, some with balconies, in an informal property featuring a spa, a pool & a restaurant.
2.60 (424 reviews)
조은사우나 image
2.60 (154 reviews)
Trakaitis image
Condominium complex
😠 Terrible experience. Can't believe that such things could happen in the middle of Europe. The hosts liers, very rude and scammers. After they took your money (before showing the room) its start lottery. They will ask you to cancel order (in our case) and will offer a small discount....
2.60 (131 reviews)
😠 DON'T MAKE YOUR NAILS HERE!!! The worst nail salon ever. Never, seriously, never come here!!! Terrible personal, ABSOLUTE LACK OF HYGIENE, I saw how the man who did my nails just put some water on the instruments, and that's it!!! The rest of them he just took out from a box with dust and other dirt...
2.60 (123 reviews)
Spa Du Comminges saint gaudens image
Spa Du Comminges saint gaudens
😠 Spa vraiment déplorable... Avec mon conjoint nous appelons pour adopter un chien, n'importe lequel ! Vieux jeune, petit, grand, on voulait juste un chien pour le sortir de là. On appelle, on nous dit de choisir sur internet le chien qu'on veut..... Mais juste avec une photo sans description c'est un...
2.60 (111 reviews)
Hollywood Spa & Nails image
Hollywood Spa & Nails
Nail salon
😠 THIS PLACE IS DISGUSTING. They have terrible customer service & whoever gets a manicure PLEASE BE CAREFUL. The guy cleaned the cuticle cleaner with alcohol and I proceeded to ask if it was used and he said YES. I asked him not to use it on my hands because I don’t want any germs or infections. At th...
2.60 (92 reviews)
Beverly Nails and Spa image
Beverly Nails and Spa
Nail salon
😠 Horrible service. Went in for a gel removal and walked away with scratched, uneven and almost broken nails. The nail tech must have not had any experience removing gel because she was so rough with the nail instruments that it was a painful experience. She kept nicking my nails. Things got worse onc...
2.60 (78 reviews)

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