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CCG Saúde - Matriz image
CCG Saúde - Matriz
Medical Center
😠 O CCG está cada dia pior, principalmente depois que passou a ser administrada pela Notredame. Não há serviço digital de qualidade, bem como não há atendimento telefônico. O usuário na maioria das vezes não consegue realizar os agendamentos de exames através da ferramenta digital, então busca ajuda n...
1.10 (119 reviews)
Manor Park Medical Practice image
Manor Park Medical Practice
General practitioner
😠 All 1 star reviews on here are absolutely true. Receptionist staff extremely rude and passive aggressive, long wait (I understand there are covid delays but other surgeries do not have this) calling for 40 minutes just to be hung up. Advise us to call at 8am for an appointment but don’t even answer...
1.20 (54 reviews)
MHP - Freezywater Primary Care Centre image
MHP - Freezywater Primary Care Centre
General practitioner
😠 No appointments available ever. I can't see a human for 3 years now. Phone appointments are useless as no one has access to a patient file. They never get back to you. Hospital requested to prescribe me with a medication but he surgery refused to proceed even I pay for the medication myself. I...
1.40 (169 reviews)
Stopsley Village Practice image
Stopsley Village Practice
General practitioner
1.40 (143 reviews)
Centro Oftalmológico| Hapvida NotreDame Intermédica image
Centro Oftalmológico| Hapvida NotreDame Intermédica
Medical Center
😠 I hung on the phone for 50 minutes to reschedule an exam. When the URA finally stopped giving warnings, the call went dead and they hung up. This agreement only gets worse every day!
1.40 (140 reviews)
The Whalebridge Practice image
The Whalebridge Practice
General practitioner
😠 Ref:511599 I recently had an extremely negative experience with the reception at Whalebridge NHS Practice, and I feel compelled to share my disappointment. My child, who is four years old, was suffering from severe diarrhea and vomiting, and I urgently needed a doctor's appointment. It took me a s...
1.40 (109 reviews)
Cencor image
General practitioner
😠 My daughter visited Dr Hermano today and left completely disappointed! Firstly, he was without a mask, with his feet on the table, cowboy belt... nothing against cowboys. My daughter is 19 years old, she is incredibly tired, the skin on her face is inflamed with pimples, she doesn't sleep well and a...
1.40 (51 reviews)
Catalan Gilles image
Catalan Gilles
General practitioner
1.50 (167 reviews)
Willows Medical Centre image
Willows Medical Centre
General practitioner
😠 If I could give it 0, I genuinely would, there have been so many cases with this GP where I’ve ended up having to call 111 simply because I can’t get through to them. My most recent experience is from waiting in a hour and a half queue, going from 30 all the way down to 2 people and due to “unforese...
1.50 (132 reviews)
Your Health Partnership - Oakham Surgery image
Your Health Partnership - Oakham Surgery
Public medical center
😠 Appalling. Trying to book for a call back is impossible when you start work at 8.40. I've had to give up so many times. Calling for test results is the same. On the phone for 40mins on a morning to get from caller 39 to 5. Then on the evening on the phone an hour and I've gone for caller 20 to calle...
1.50 (126 reviews)
Oxance - Médical et Dentaire image
Oxance - Médical et Dentaire
Dental clinic
😠 A scandalous consultation with general practitioner Dr. Jean Aim. I strongly advise against this doctor. I do not understand how a doctor like him is still entitled to practice, he has no ethics or professional conscience, it is dangerous. I needed to spell out the medications I needed, he didn't e...
1.50 (100 reviews)
家庭医生Silver Star Medical Centre image
家庭医生Silver Star Medical Centre
Medical clinic
😠 If I could give this place 0 or negative stars, I honestly would. This clinic is a joke. The receptionist/nurses here are incompetent and untrustworthy. My family doctor left this clinic back in December, and when I asked the office what I should do in November, they told me word for word "we are g...
1.50 (80 reviews)
Kersiebank Medical Group image
Kersiebank Medical Group
General practitioner
😠 No stars! This practice has degenerated so much it's scandalous. There are no GPs! Only option is to ring at 8.30 and say it's urgent for that day if a locum is available. Was in a que of 38, got through 55 minutes later to be told there were no appointments. The practice is bogus. The new owners ar...
1.50 (71 reviews)
Adeslas Salud image
Adeslas Salud
Medical Center
😠 I have consulted several doctors at this center and the treatment is exquisite, what's more, today some have become essential for me. If it was up to them, I would give it 5 stars. But the reception staff never pick up the phone and at times, they have even made me sulk when I made an appointment i...
1.60 (283 reviews)
Toombul Medical Centre image
Toombul Medical Centre
Medical clinic
😠 I am actually disgusted from the receptionists at this medical centre and I left today in tears. I am a (about to graduate) student psychologist and have worked in health for over ten years and I think the two receptionists today really need some training in customer service and just how to communi...
1.60 (238 reviews)
Riverside Medical Practice image
Riverside Medical Practice
Medical clinic
😠 Can't get an appointment unless same day and same day following week. I wouldn't care when as long as I get an appointment. Been trying for 3 weeks now. My partner ended up with pneumonia after waiting 6 weeks for an appointment previously. And the worst thing you can move to any other Practice as y...
1.60 (232 reviews)
Centro Médico Adeslas image
Centro Médico Adeslas
Medical Center
😠 Of pity. 15 days waiting for a consultation with Dr. Reguero. Lists for dermatology do not open until December. If you need rehabilitation, forget it. Is this private insurance? It never worked very well, but since the pandemic Adeslas is a pure disaster.
1.60 (211 reviews)
Forge Health Group - Pitsmoor Surgery image
Forge Health Group - Pitsmoor Surgery
General practitioner
😠 This is the worst GP I have ever seen in my life! Probably the worst one in the country not just in Sheffield! Their services and systems are shocking. I have been trying to book an appointment for a while and they open from 8:30 when you call at that exact time and try get through to someone the a...
1.60 (114 reviews)
Health Care First - Ferrybridge Medical Centre image
Health Care First - Ferrybridge Medical Centre
General practitioner
😠 Staff have no emp0athy, no consideration for patients and an absolute disgrace. Not that the managers give a hoot - where else are we going to go! Should be reported to and investigated by BMA before someone dies due to lack of care or consideration from the rude, unapologetic, uncaring reception...
1.60 (78 reviews)
Stacy Medical Center image
Stacy Medical Center
Medical Center
😠 This place is utterly ridiculous!! If I could give them a zero I would!! Waiting for 2 to 3 hours with an empty waiting room and Dr's & nurses standing around doing nothing but chit chatting is extremely unprofessional!! I was there for a urine test for a job & they made me wait so long the test was...
1.60 (71 reviews)
CCG Saúde - Clínica Wallig image
CCG Saúde - Clínica Wallig
Medical Center
😠 Péssima experiência da recepção! Todas as vezes que tive que consultar fui super mal tratado pela recepção e dessa vez passou dos limites, recepcionista Victoria Oliveira, com a máscara abaixo do nariz, cobrando a minha namorada por estar sem máscara, sendo que tinham 3 ou 4 pessoas também sem másca...
1.60 (64 reviews)
General practice center Schievliet Schiedam image
General practice center Schievliet Schiedam
General practitioner
🫤 Deze locatie gebruik ik regelmatig als mijn huisarts niet op dezelfde dag beschikbaar is. De service is snel en 1 op de zoveel artsen heeft zelfs een aangenaam gevoel voor humor. MAAR! En dit is een grote maar. Er wordt meer gezocht naar een eerste de beste ziektebeeld dan dat er naar de patiënt wo...
1.60 (56 reviews)
Manor and Park Group Practice - Park Site image
Manor and Park Group Practice - Park Site
General practitioner
😠 Have been extremely rude to my disabled mother on multiple occasions. My mother is on a lot of medication and most recently doctor Khan decided to tell her there's nothing wrong with her and that she's healthier than he is. Absolutely ridiculous. The only people worth seeing there are the advanced p...
1.60 (54 reviews)
The Medical City Satellite- Victory Central Mal image
The Medical City Satellite- Victory Central Mal
General practitioner
😠 I thought this clinic will help you when you are sick. I was wrong and very disappointed. My brother went to this clinic. He told them he has fever and not even elaborate more about it, he was told to go back after 14 days after the fever is gone. And so he went to other clinic where he was accepted...
1.60 (53 reviews)
Town Centre GP Surgery image
Town Centre GP Surgery
Family practice physician
1.70 (339 reviews)
Adeslas Medical Center image
Adeslas Medical Center
Medical Center
😠 Disgraceful customer service. They don't pick up the phone at "the radiology department" for an appointment and I've been trying for an hour. It would be appropriate for someone from Adeslas to stop by to see what they do and explain to them that they make a living from customers.
1.70 (328 reviews)
Ilford Medical Centre image
Ilford Medical Centre
Medical Center
😠 My Nonverbal Autistic daughter has been waiting for a referral since the 25th May for a reoccurring hernia to be referred back to GOSH to see her previous surgeon and nothing has been done. The receptionist is so rude that she thinks that it’s acceptable to hang up on me when I’m explaining to her t...
1.70 (231 reviews)
Greenvale Medical Centre image
Greenvale Medical Centre
Medical Center
😠 I don't think any of the doctors here are fit to practice based on my experiences here. I was left with large dark scars on my body after the doctor pressed the liquid nitrogen much too hard onto my skin. I had it done many times before by other doctors and they had never been so rough. The receptio...
1.70 (219 reviews)
Hereford Medical Group image
Hereford Medical Group
General practitioner
😠 Was asked by my doctor to book a follow up appointment. No body answers the phone. Called on three different days. Went online to book an appointment, can't do it on a Sunday even though it may take 5 days for them to get back to you.
1.70 (175 reviews)
Klinik Singapore (Bayan Baru) by Mediaid image
Klinik Singapore (Bayan Baru) by Mediaid
General practitioner
😠 Worst clinic I've been to. I came this afternoon because of a migraine, the doctor just gave me a time slip and fever medicine. The doctor asked me about my job and I explained to him in detail. Then he questioned why I changed jobs from factory to warehouse. If it is your concern, you should think...
1.70 (132 reviews)

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