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Fashion Studio Ksenia Borodina (Ксения Бородина) image
Fashion Studio Ksenia Borodina (Ксения Бородина)
Beauty salon
😠 Как можно положительно отозваться о салоне, который нагло выгоняет клиентов? Да, говорю именно о нашумевшей истории Алёны Погребняк. Что самое мерзкое, пожалуй, так это то, что лицо салона - Ксения, так нелестно, не разобравшись в ситуации, обращается к Алёне в своих сторис, до того, как вышел сам в...
1.40 (436 reviews)
RUSSIAN LEGEND | Салон красоты Охотный ряд | Парикмахерская, маникюр, эпиляция image
RUSSIAN LEGEND | Салон красоты Охотный ряд | Парикмахерская, маникюр, эпиляция
Beauty salon
😠 Админ, принимающий заказы и записывающий клиентов- не в себе. Его нужно уволить, он мешает клиентам и работе салона. Парню нужно к психологу, у него что-то с мышлением- повторяющиеся странные фразы и вопросы, мутит воду, неуважение к клиентам. Общаться с клиентами не умеет и тратит их время и салон...
2.50 (184 reviews)
Hedonai image
Medical Center
😠 Las chicas que trabajan en Coruña son un encanto y absolutamente nada en contra de ellas. Pedir cita es un CAOS. Hay que llamar cada dos por tres para pedir cita porque no tienen abierta la agenda y hay que andar llamando cada dos semanas para ver si han abierto la agenda de la semana que a ti te to...
2.50 (161 reviews)
Unique Beauty 4 U image
Unique Beauty 4 U
Beauty salon
😠 I just went with my friend for pre-booked treatment. From beginning the lady was surprised to see me as no one written my booking, which I have called them on the day before as advised over the phone with salon. As they was not prepared they can only do one massage today. It should be one hour treat...
2.70 (70 reviews)
Medkare Medical Centre - Dulwich Hill image
Medkare Medical Centre - Dulwich Hill
Medical clinic
😠 Really POOR customer service and BAD experience. Worst service and LONGEST WAIT ever. VERY unprofessional front of house staff. Arrived at 8:30 in the morning to see a Doctor and the first thing I asked was how long the wait would roughly be. I was told 40min so I said I will come back in about 30...
2.70 (67 reviews)
Miss Beauty CC Parque Albufera image
Miss Beauty CC Parque Albufera
Nail salon
😠 Terrible treatment and education directed at the owners themselves (Chinese) they don't talk to you, they don't smile, you ask them and they don't answer, every time you go there different workers for something it will all be very expensive they are running out of clients. I've been going since they...
2.70 (57 reviews)
Crede Experto image
Crede Experto
Medical Center
😠 In 2020, I was treated by some doctors under VHI, everything was fine until one of the doctors began to “cheat” me out of money. This is not included in the policy, then it is not, etc. As it turned out later, all these procedures and tests were included in me. I got upset, changed the clinic and fo...
2.90 (82 reviews)
Respublikanskiy Klinicheskiy Kozhno-Venerologicheskiy Dispanser image
Respublikanskiy Klinicheskiy Kozhno-Venerologicheskiy Dispanser
Medical clinic
🫤 My daughter had a plantar wart, we came to the appointment in the hope that we would be prescribed some ointment, but we were immediately sent for surgery and were told that because... The wart has been around for more than six months; it is useless to treat it with ointments. As a child, I had a wa...
2.90 (60 reviews)
Ebreclínic Serveis Mèdics image
Ebreclínic Serveis Mèdics
Medical Center
🫤 I made an appointment about three weeks ago, explaining that my mutual company has an agreement with ASISA (the mutual company they work with). They told me that they did not know anything about this agreement and we were told that they would check with ASISA and that they would be informed. They a...
2.90 (58 reviews)

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