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Basic Fit Netherlands B.V. image
Basic Fit Netherlands B.V.
😠 Very bad attitude, worst customer service, the employees in the gym tell you that you can cancel anytime, but when the time comes you can't cancel, they say they never said anything. They try to hide the reality of the contract you are signing telling you lies. I tried everything to cancel, but it w...
1.60 (190 reviews)
Cyberobics GmbH - Headquarter image
Cyberobics GmbH - Headquarter
Physical fitness program
😠 Katastrophales Kundenservice. Ohne irgendeine Vorwarnung oder Info wurde mein Abo gekündigt. Scheinbar wollen sie die günstigen Verträge aus Coronazeiten los werden. Das kann man aber seinen Kunden zumindest ankündigen, mit ihnen besprechen und eventuell auch eine neue Vertragsvariante anbieten. Abe...
1.90 (57 reviews)
Fitness Connection image
Fitness Connection
😠 This gym is consistently not being open on time at 5AM 2-3 times per week for the past few months. Wasting everyone’s time waking up early for nothing. We’d be lucky if the gym opened at 6:30. Stop hiring new staff that is unaccountable, unreliable and inconsistent. Give some of us, the members, the...
2.50 (577 reviews)
Turkey Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation image
Turkey Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation
Physical fitness program
😠 16 Temmuz günü WhatsApp iletişim hattı üzerinden yazdım bugün 18 Ağustos günü sorunu çözebildik en son Sayın Niyazi Kurt'a ve CİMER'e yazdım federasyon değil sanki kıraathane işletiyor gibi davranıyorlar.
2.50 (53 reviews)
Flex Fitness and Recreation Center image
Flex Fitness and Recreation Center
😠 The owner tried to explain how the ladies, from whom she took the speaker from, we’re the ones in the wrong. That there were 30 people and 8 paid. I saw the video, no where near that amount. Also, how does one let them access the pool without verifying who has paid. Owner is trying to back track and...
2.60 (203 reviews)
Anytime Fitness image
Anytime Fitness
😠 When I went to take membership at this location the staff who signed me up told me it was month to month and I can cancel at anytime. The staff since has left and when I requested that I wanted to cancel my membership I was told that its a 18 month membership. I asked for a copy of the signed contra...
2.60 (63 reviews)
Anytime Fitness image
Anytime Fitness
😠 Absolute scam. My fiance and I canceled our memberships. After 2 months we realize that we are still getting charged. We go back to speak with the manager Otis that we canceled with and he can't help because HE can't find our cancelation forms. Even though he remembers us canceling. Then we are tol...
2.70 (87 reviews)
YMCA of the Sandhills image
YMCA of the Sandhills
Youth center
😠 If I could give this YMCA negative stars I would! This branch is one of the worst managed and unethical organizations I have ever worked with! We became members to take advantage of their advertised swim lessons, but at every turn received misinformation, poor communication and horrible customer ser...
2.70 (81 reviews)
Goodlife Health Clubs Hillarys image
Goodlife Health Clubs Hillarys
😐 The facilities are nice, and I enjoy the variety and frequency of classes they have. On-site people are also friendly. However I find the way Goodlife manages memberships and payments a little dishonest. Since I joined, there have been regular errors in billing, always to their advantage. You have...
2.70 (52 reviews)
New York Sports Club image
New York Sports Club
😠 Do not come to this gym!!! They do not care for your safety!! They will cancel your membership for protecting yourself from weird men that will follow you around ! Stay safe and go to a gym that will help you out and help you enjoy your gym experience instead of canceling your membership!
2.80 (398 reviews)
New York Sports Club image
New York Sports Club
😠 I referred a brand new member who I train to join a few months after me. She received the $47 rate (had never been a member), I explained we'd both leave if I don't get the same rate, they assured me this change would happen, for 2 months I reminded the front desk and emailed management because "the...
2.80 (323 reviews)
Fitness First Chatswood Platinum image
Fitness First Chatswood Platinum
😠 The men's steam room has been out of order since last year!! I've asked the reception many times and they always say it will be fixed soon, however, it has been more than a month and it is still not fixed. The men's bathroom is always filthy and has a large puddle of water which has been sitting th...
2.80 (291 reviews)
Mpact Sports image
Mpact Sports
Gymnastics center
👍👍 My son went to a classmate’s party here and liked it so much he decided to have his own Nerf Wars party for his ninth birthday. The staff was so helpful setting up and cleaning up the food and decorations we brought and in marshaling the kids. This party room had a view of the hymn. The other was a...
2.80 (218 reviews)
New York Sports Club image
New York Sports Club
😠 I was a member of this gym for 10 years but for the last 3 years I was unable to go but continued to pay my monthly membership which I was fine with because it was my own fault for not remembering to cancel. However, when the time came for me to cancel, I had to go in and speak with an employee. I...
2.80 (209 reviews)
Equinox Williamsburg image
Equinox Williamsburg
😠 The gym has great classes, well maintained equipment and overall is very clean. The locker-rooms are well stocked and high end too. During peak hours it can get busy. The customer service is horrendous and I’d recommend you stay away. For a nice gym like Equinox I’d expect much much better. After p...
2.80 (156 reviews)
Santa Clarita Athletic Club image
Santa Clarita Athletic Club
😠 Current member. Going to have to agree with all the other 1star reviews in regards to customer service. Staff is rude and management clearly doesnt care. Sat down in the managers office to voice my concerns and she actually got up and left the conversation to go and make some visitors walking by her...
2.80 (92 reviews)
YMCA Fitness Industry Training image
YMCA Fitness Industry Training
Training centre
😠 My strong advice to anyone considering undertaking a PT course at YMCA Fit is DON’T. To lead with a positive, the teaching on the courses is first rate. I cannot thank Trish, Teresa, and Mark enough for their tireless and excellent teaching. They really try their best to help you and present the in...
2.80 (90 reviews)
Fitness First Top Ryde image
Fitness First Top Ryde
😠 I've been a Fitness First Top Ryde member for nearly 3 years. Since the time I joined this gym, they have kept increasing their membership fees every year. My friends who joined much later than me are paying much lower than I am for the same services. When I spoke to the Sales person, they said ther...
2.90 (468 reviews)
Fitness First Rockdale image
Fitness First Rockdale
😠 Don’t sign up if you want to be scammed! Losing signed documents to force you into the contract. Apparently sending cancellation confirmation emails are just too hard to do?? Still waiting after 3 weeks - Just don’t sign up if you want to interact with rude people such as Mark Denmeade. Even better...
2.90 (398 reviews)
Fitness First North Strathfield image
Fitness First North Strathfield
😠 - Old and poorly maintained machines. Machines have been “out of order” since the 2021 lockdown and are still broken. It has been 4 months… Surely repairs don’t take THAT long. - Constantly leaking when it rains. Areas of the gym now smell of mould. - Apparently the rain “messes with the 24/7 access...
2.90 (254 reviews)
Gym Paris 17 - Cercles De La Forme Maillot image
Gym Paris 17 - Cercles De La Forme Maillot
Fitness center
😠 Please be aware of the Pilates professor ASTRID , who is rude, disrespectful, and DISCRIMINATIVE. I don’t have problems with rules, but I do with arrogant and badly educated people. She took me through a public humiliation, I opened a reclamation with the administration, but guess what? No follow-up...
2.90 (221 reviews)
Club Metro USA image
Club Metro USA
Fitness center
😠 The “manager” Jocelyn said that they do not honor the Free Complimentary Gym Pass. Mind you, it was my first time ever attending the gym. Why even have the option to get a free pass, if it’s not honored!? She told me I had to pay $10 in order to enter. She was rude and nasty. The “manager” was not k...
2.90 (186 reviews)
Anytime Fitness image
Anytime Fitness
😠 I have been going to this gym for years. The equipment is always broken. Half the lights are out. The back room floor is crumbling. They replaced the cables with ropes. They had a few homeless men living there and no one would do anything about it. But I stayed because we had the best community of...
2.90 (126 reviews)
Anytime Fitness image
Anytime Fitness
😠 The owner Korey is the most unprofessional person I have ever encountered in my life. He was extremely rude and would constantly interrupt my workout to tell me to get off my phone. He claimed “out of towners” were not allowed at his gym and made me feel extremely awkward. I would advise anyone new...
2.90 (105 reviews)
& Asuweru Aobadai image
& Asuweru Aobadai
😠 First, raise prices frequently. I think it's because the management is getting worse due to the corona misfortune, but I'm going to pass it all on to the users. It was 9800 yen at first, but it's already 12000 yen. Was there an elderly person at the counter who confirmed that "the amount withdrawn...
2.90 (83 reviews)
Universum Box Promotion image
Universum Box Promotion
Boxing gym
😠 It's absolutely ridiculous what kind of arranged fights take place here. You should just be ashamed of yourself. I'll never watch a fight on Universum again. Ballet is more authentic
2.90 (74 reviews)
Anytime Fitness image
Anytime Fitness
😠 We are retired and travel all over the USA. We have visited many Anytime Fitness locations and just LOVE them. Most locations are very clean. However, this location is not. It is, by far, the dirtiest Anytime Fitness we have ever come across. It was so dirty, I couldn’t even stand to finish my w...
2.90 (70 reviews)
Anytime Fitness image
Anytime Fitness
😠 As long as hygiene isn’t important this gym is adequately able to meet your needs. Unless working equipment is a deal breaker too as multiple pieces of equipment are not functioning as well.
2.90 (68 reviews)

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