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Clifton Eye Care Pediatric Center image
Clifton Eye Care Pediatric Center
Pediatric ophthalmologist
😠 The call center Britney and the other lady who speaks Spanish hung up the phone on me 3 times after they cancelled my appointment several times. They said " I am not here to listen to you complaining and that's all I have " I won't come back to this facility ever again... at ATTENTION to the supervi...
1.80 (131 reviews)
Golden State Eye Medical Group image
Golden State Eye Medical Group
Ophthalmology clinic
1.90 (103 reviews)
Key West Carrefour Laval image
Key West Carrefour Laval
Sunglasses store
😠 I was looking to purchase a new pair of sunglasses (approx. 200$+taxes) and I asked if there were a brand new pair available as I did not want the one from the floor - had to get into an argument with the owner in order to get her to order me a new pair. She kept arguing with me about how they were...
2.00 (56 reviews)
Funda Visión image
Funda Visión
😠 Que incompetencia el de ese lugar empezando que nunca contestan el telefono y cuando lo hacen colocan una contestadora indicando los numeros teniendo en cuenta las opciones y marcas el numero y te regresa al menu principal definitivamente se te vence la orden y nunca apartas la cita y si vas hasta a...
2.20 (54 reviews)
Oroville Hospital image
Oroville Hospital
General hospital
😠 Currently staying here a few days. Dr's dont share any information, show up late in day. Some are Rude and Haughty like they are some kind of English Royalty. Others do as little as possible. Food is Disgusting! Over or under Cooked. The dietary plan makes no sense. I mean they are chargi...
2.30 (192 reviews)
Valley Community Healthcare image
Valley Community Healthcare
Medical clinic
😠 For the birth Hollywood clinic, there are never appointments. Every time they see you, it's a virus or just Tylenol. The very bloody receptionists prescribe you. Their supervisor is never there. It's better to choose another clinic or better doctors.
2.40 (201 reviews)
Eye Clinic of Fairbanks image
Eye Clinic of Fairbanks
Ophthalmology clinic
😠 HORRIBLE, Ive been waiting for 8 weeks for my glasses and the costumer service is bad, if you call them it will take 10 minutes to pick up the phone or they wont answer, it has a good choice of glasses to pick from though. Nice clean building, there is at least 4 employees that are rude and not help...
2.40 (151 reviews)
Valley Medical Group, Amherst Medical Center image
Valley Medical Group, Amherst Medical Center
Medical Center
😠 Have been a patient for little over a year. The receptionist there is a joke, she can't remember anything you say to her and has an extremely negative attitude. When it comes to the providers they arent any better, dr vigdermen is a joke of a doctor, i went in with severe stomach pains and told him...
2.40 (59 reviews)
Oak Orchard Health image
Oak Orchard Health
Medical office
😠 Where to begin... As a patient: I am disappointed in the amount of time it takes to contact the office. This has been an ongoing issue for years and has yet to be resolved. When you call and leave a message for a callback, it takes 24 or more hours. They seem to do better for urgent matters, but ge...
2.50 (131 reviews)
Potomac Physicians, P.A.-Bel Air image
Potomac Physicians, P.A.-Bel Air
Medical clinic
😠 Today we had a truly disgraceful visit, and I will be gathering my and my son's medical records from this practice. We will not return. I called to set up an appointment for my son to get a flu shot. The woman I spoke to suggested that I schedule a Well Child exam so that the flu shot would be inclu...
2.50 (84 reviews)
Medicross Paarl (Medical Center) image
Medicross Paarl (Medical Center)
Medical clinic
😠 Very rude and unprofessional front desk. Nurse/receptionist needs some serious people skills. Very importantly you are needing to learn to have more empathy for the patients coming to see doctors. Especially during this time of uncertainty. Very very disappointed and this is NOT the first run in wit...
2.50 (63 reviews)
Optical Fair Inc image
Optical Fair Inc
2.50 (51 reviews)
East Boston Neighborhood Health Center image
East Boston Neighborhood Health Center
Medical Center
😠 Terrible service the waiting time is More them 6 hours for a emergency If you have the opportunity to go to another hospital then come to this place! The waiting room it’s crowds and they don’t have enough doctors! They staff say that they have one doctor with 35 patients on the waiting list in an e...
2.60 (225 reviews)
Allina Health Coon Rapids Clinic image
Allina Health Coon Rapids Clinic
Medical clinic
😠 We've gone to this location for 15+ years. I don't know what has happened in the last couple of years, but it's changed enough for us to look for another location. My daughter's pediatrician passed away, so we had to choose another. We went with J. K. based on her excellent reviews on Allina's we...
2.60 (213 reviews)
Nationwide Vision image
Nationwide Vision
Eye care center
🫤 Customer service was absolutely horrible, wanted to ask questions about insurance and Medicare lady behind the desk wanted nothing to do with me. Would not recommend going there at all for eye care.
2.60 (63 reviews)
AdvantageCare Physicians - Ronkonkoma Medical Office image
AdvantageCare Physicians - Ronkonkoma Medical Office
😠 My appointment at this place was horrendous. The physicians assistant who took my blood was rude, unprofessional and unhygienic. When i walked into the room she had her back to the door and held up her finger to indicate to me to wait a minute as she plugged her phone charger into the wall. Then whe...
2.60 (55 reviews)
Medical Center Ophthalmology Associates image
Medical Center Ophthalmology Associates
2.60 (51 reviews)
America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses image
America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses
2.70 (178 reviews)
😠 My experience with this optician was the worst I had. Two weeks after giving me my prescription glasses, I realize that with my left eye I couldn't see anything. When I went to claim they told me that they had made a mistake in the increase, it took two more weeks to solve it. I have been waiting f...
2.70 (161 reviews)
Hampton Roads Eye Associates Oyster Point image
Hampton Roads Eye Associates Oyster Point
Eye care center
2.70 (120 reviews)
FARZA Optical image
FARZA Optical
😐 لديهم خيارات جيدة لكن ليست مميزة ينقصهم الاهتمام اكثر بالعميل وخدمته في تنفيذ طلبه بدلا من الانشغال بالواتساب وبرامج السوسل ميديا انا لا أعلم فرزه ونظارات البركات هل هي سعودية انم استثمار مصري لاني لم اجد فيها موظف سعودي من يوم عرفتها يبقى الموضوع الاهم وهو اسعار لما يعرفوا عندك تأمين قد تصل ضعف لو...
2.70 (99 reviews)
Ópticas GrandOptical Colombo Lisboa image
Ópticas GrandOptical Colombo Lisboa
🫤 O espaço físico da loja é muito bom, tem muitas opções de armações! Mas no que diz respeito ao atendimento, é péssimo... Não perguntam oq o cliente pretende e não explicam oq estão a oferecer. A sensação era que estavam a fazer-me um favor ao invés de tentar vender um produto. Ofereceram-me um par...
2.70 (80 reviews)
MarillacHealth image
Community health centre
😐 The actual dentists are really wonderful, however in order to get to the dentist, you must get through their administrative team. I think because the clientele who come here are usually low income or uninsured, they sure treat you poorly (how awful is that?). It takes months to get an appointment, a...
2.70 (69 reviews)
MAGRABi - Bin Galala Center image
MAGRABi - Bin Galala Center
😠 لقيت عندهم نظارة شمسية مونت بلانك سعرها حوالي ١٦٠٠ ريال، عجبتني وأخذت رقم موديلها، شريتها اونلاين من برا السعودية وطلعت علي واصله لعندي بحوالي ٧٠٠ ريال!! جميله اسعاركم يامغربي!! هذا وانتوا وكلاء المفروض اسعاركم أقل لأن تكاليف الشحن تختلف من شحن أفراد إلى شحن شركات!!!
2.80 (82 reviews)
Medical Center Diamed image
Medical Center Diamed
Medical clinic
😠 I had a medical examination at this clinic, and I had only negative impressions. It was necessary to take tests - there is a woman sitting in the office who knows nothing but rudeness. There was a huge queue for all the doctors, half of the doctors were missing somewhere. The gynecologist behaves ab...
2.80 (73 reviews)
Nationwide Vision image
Nationwide Vision
Eye care center
😠 I called to make an appointment, and I had a few questions they told me they would call me back. After talking to someone again I decided I no longer wanted to have my eyes looked here. This is probably the most unorganized facility I’ve had to deal with!! The lady I spoke to couldn’t answer a singl...
2.80 (72 reviews)
Century Eye Care Medical Center, Inc. - Gardena, CA image
Century Eye Care Medical Center, Inc. - Gardena, CA
👍👍 I am a patient of Century Eye Care in Gardena, I am treated by Dr. Mehrdad Aghai. 5 months ago I had surgery on my left eye, and from the first day I started going to this clinic, everyone has been very kind; if I have to wait, then I wait; It is worth it, because even if it takes time, the attentio...
2.80 (62 reviews)
General Optical image
General Optical
Eye care center
2.80 (56 reviews)
Variety Care Straka Terrace image
Variety Care Straka Terrace
Medical Center
😠 This company, as a whole is a joke. Doctors will send over a prescription but then never fill out the paperwork to actually have it approved by insurance. They will give out fax numbers that don't work and give you the run around in hopes that you will just forget that they are not willing to do the...
2.90 (247 reviews)

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